12. Illness

Mrs. Bemis had an attack of appendicitis while in Boston in the autumn of 1910, which made an immediate operation necessary. When she was able to be moved, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor took her to Asheville for the winter, as she was not strong enough for the longer trip to Colorado; but the weather there that year was very unfortunate for an invalid, and later they went to Atlantic City. Here Mr. Bemis joined them; he now was able to make business arrangements that relieved him of the many details he had long carried, and a new era in the family life was begun--the happiest of all.

From that time all enforced separations were over, and he was with his wife continuously wherever it was best for her to be. When, after a year, she was able to return to Colorado Springs, she was very happy to be again in her home, and the old life among friends was resumed as always, quickly and happily.