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(2018.7.16) Jack Ma has drawn a vision for Alibaba: global buy, global sell, global pay, and global ship. He also expects 80% of small businesses to be online and 80% of them becoming global. What kind of future will be? GLOBAL. What is the global extension for global business? .com.

(2018.7.16) 域名和地产类似,是虚拟世界的地址,企业可以收购这虚拟地址建立巨大商店(网站),投资家也可以收藏域名,等待终端企业来询问收购。域名投资者 Garry Chernoff至少在2004年就已经拥有Signet.com域名。Signet是英文单词,有“ 图章、印”含义。据报道,Garry 拥有这域名14年,最近以高价美金30万卖了。

(2018.7.14) China-based edtech startup VIPKid was founded in 2013 and has received 7 rounds of investment, making it a unicorn startup valued at $3 billion. It has gone global too, boosting 20,000 teachers and 200,000 students from 32 countries. Surprise! Both Baidu and Google indicate VIPKid's corporate domain as The company luckily owns, but it only forwards visitors to It needs to follow major global brands and switch its corporate domain to

(2018.7.14) 印度外卖服务平台Swiggy创立于2014,已经8次获得投资,价值超过10亿美元,成为独角兽公司。该公司官网启用对应品牌的Swiggy.com域名。Swiggy一词在英语字典里并不存在,而Swiggy.com则注册于2013-03-28,很可能是该公司注册的。这说明初创公司可以创造一个.com域名,打造国际品牌。



A Chinese vision fund provider without a visionary domain

(2018.7.14 Sat) I have been a fan of Softbank for a long time. Legend has it that in the early days Masayoshi Son once stood on a wooden fruit box and spoke with passion about his grand vision to his only handful of employees. In between the years, he rose from a small software distributor in Japan to become the 38th largest public company in the world. Last year, he stunned the investment circle by creating the world's largest technology fund: Vision Fund.(Read)

The world's biggest AI startup is from China but its domain is not .cn

(2018.7.7 Sat) My college days at The Chinese University of Hong Kong were about fun, friends, and sometime aimless activities. Yet, to some, it's a place to germinate great ideas. Take Xiaoou TANG and Li XU, a CUHK professor and a PhD student respectively who in 2014 had an "aha!" moment and founded the AI startup SenseTime.(Read)

Yingfluence: creative branding with a personal touch

(2018.6.30 Sat) The advice of Esther Dyson still rings true today. Six years ago, the founding chairwoman of domain organization ICANN said that we are not running out of domains but "space in people's head". The story of Yingfluence shows that even today you can register a meaningful .com domain by tapping into that little space in your head.(Read)

SoundAi demonstrates good domain strategy at low cost

(2018.6.23 Sat) The other day I read the news about a Chinese startup called SoundAi. As usual, I did a little bit of study and found the company interesting. It shows that you can go global on day one with a good domain strategy – and at low cost.(Read)

How to protect your domains

(2018.6.16 Sat) A domain is a critical company asset. It's a digital address where you build your store to sell million dollars of products. For a good domain, its value also increases over time; when one day you close your business, you can sell your domain and make a capital gain. Because domains are valuable, they must be protected.(Read)