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(2018.6.20) AI is hot. Out of curiosity, I checked but it is unused. However, many AI+number domains are already active. I checked AI + 0-9 and here is the result: is operated by US car dealer Automotive Innovations; is a software startup backed by Paul Allen;,, and are Chinese sites. So, a main term plus a single digit .com domains are viable choices.

(2018.6.20) 淘刷网是厦门一家网络科技公司,专门提供电商服务,此前启用TaoShuaW.com为官网域名。 看起来,不错嘛,蛮对应品牌? 其实,对应该品牌的域名应该是TaoShuaWang.com甚至。最近,该公司投资了35万人民币,收购。这也更好,域名一字母之差,效果却天壤之别。TaoShuaW.com现在已经没有使用。

(2018.6.19) Sweden-based iZettle is planning an IPO to raise more than $200 million. Often referred to as “Square of Europe”, the payment startup settles on the English name (Zettle is a play on “settle”?) as its corporate domain. To be a global player, try the dotComEnglish domain strategy.

(2018.6.19) Google recently rebranded its Google Research division as Google AI, indicating its importance. Within AI, I think deep learning will completely change the retail scene in the virtual world. As I understand, deep learning can analyze massive data of consumers to create an algorithm linking to their action (e.g. buy certain item). When you can deploy millions of AI-powered store specialists at your digital store, imagine how great you services to your customers could be, and the effect to the bottom line!

(2018.6.19) 京东在过去收购了、JingDong.com以及,但是最终只使用最短的,有什么好处?JD只有两个字母,.com是国际后缀,以JD.com作为品牌,全球的消费者都能够牢牢地记住这个虚拟地址,直接访问网站购物。这是最佳域名策略。根据昨天新闻报道,谷歌将向京东投资5.5亿美元,进行战略合作,在全球多个地区合作提供零售。京东在2012年投资5百万美元收购,对它的全球布局贡献巨大。

(2018.6.18) Short names are great! Uber is a great brand. As the company is readying for its air taxi service Uber Air, it acquired, which is still short enough to be easily remembered by consumers.



How to protect your domains

(2018.6.16 Sat) A domain is a critical company asset. It's a digital address where you build your store to sell million dollars of products. For a good domain, its value also increases over time; when one day you close your business, you can sell your domain and make a capital gain. Because domains are valuable, they must be protected.(Read)

How I tackle domain jargon

(2018.6.9 Sat) I'm a simple man. I try to simplify things while living in this complicated world. When it comes to the subject of domains, I do the same too. In this article, I'd like to look at some jargon used in the domain industry and translate them to simple English.(Read)

This gate may make country extensions essential

(2018.6.2 Sat) The virtual world, while still developing, gives consumers the freedom to shop anywhere. A store built on just one digital address (domain) can serve the entire population. However, national governments are making it difficult by setting up boundaries and toll gates. This is best illustrated in the introduction of a tax law in Australia.(Read)

Domain strategy of a small but global game developer

(2018.5.26 Sat) Few days ago, I read the news of a small company in New Zealand joining the Tencent group in China, so I was interested in how it happened and how they used domains in their business.(Read)

Case Study: domain strategy of Microsoft Ventures

(2018.5.19 Sat) Microsoft Ventures has rebranded to M12 recently and it is an interesting domain story to study. This investment arm of Microsoft was founded in 2016 to enable Microsoft to invest in startups during their early stage of growth by leveraging Microsoft’s financial, technical, and business resources. Last month, the firm decided to rebrand to M12 to avoid confusion with a related accelerator program called Microsoft ScaleUp.(Read)