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(2018.9.20) Domain upgrade is the name of the game. Interior design startup Ji Mu Jia (积木家) was founded in 2015 and ran its business from Recently it invested 58,888 yuan to acquire the brand-matching Even though the domain is 3-pin, it's only 7 characters excluding the extension.

(2018.9.20) 域名升级,是众多企业必经之路。新加坡投资公司Jungle Ventures官网域名一直启用。近日,该公司投资了6千美元收购了去掉连字符的JungleVentures.com域名。

(2018.9.19) You can mark your debut on the internet with a bang. Game startup Qi Miao (奇妙=wonderful) was founded only in May this year but started with the brand-matching which it acquired for 1 million yuan. 2-pin domains are highly sought after by corporate China.

(2018.9.19) 非牟利机构也收购.com域名。美国Facing Addiction and The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence启用,十分合适。但是该机构近日以5千美元收购了。目前 跳转到。



What is the digital address (domain) of your store?

(2018.9.15 Sat) Would you like to visit me and see all the works I have done? Just enter my digital address in the address bar of your browser. You see, such digital address is hard to remember and so that's where domains come in.(Read)

Branding 2.0 and domains

(2018.9.8 Sat) While traditional branding (Branding 1.0) focuses on "what", domains add the "where" dimension to it.(Read)

The Chinese domain strategy of Walmart

(2018.9.1 Sat) Apple has moved its Chinese iCloud data to China and India is considering a policy to require data to stay within its country. National governments across the world will likely impose requirements on local residence of local data as time goes on. The "one .com to rule them all" domain strategy may have to include domains for each market. If you are a business owner, what domains do you need when entering the China market? Or, what is the implication if you are a domain investor? I hope a study of Walmart's domain strategy will give us some hints.(Read)

How to create Chinese brands from an acronym domain

(2018.8.25 Sat) Last week I wrote that corporate China likes acronym domains because they can help companies serve audiences both inside and outside China. In this article I'll continue and show you how a single domain can be turned into multiple Chinese brands. As an example, I'll use which I saw in a recent LinkedIn post by Howard Fellman to promote the domain.(Read)

Why do Chinese companies like acronym domains?

(2018.8.18 Sat) China is the largest owner of liquid domains according to the quarterly market report by These are very short .com domains such as LL (letter-letter), NN (number-number), and LN (letter-number) .com which can be sold at any time because of a large pool of ready buyers. In this article, I'll focus on the acronym (letters) domains. So, why do Chinese companies like acronym domains? I think there are at least two reasons.(Read)