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(2019.2.15) A recent Techcrunch article named three AI startups with most funding in 2018: SenseTime (China,, UBTech Robotics (China,, and Zymergen (USA, What do they suggest about domains? (1) .com will remain King in both China and USA, and (2) English-based names are preferred. Therefore, EnglishDotCom is the best domain strategy for startups with global vision.

(2019.2.14) Short domains are versatile and allow you to create subdomains for additional products/service while still keeping the overall length short. For example, Jing Dong owns The company recently launched iot services under a new brand called JDWhale (小京鱼) from the subdomain

(2019.2.13) 世界最大的收费视频网站Netflix,成立于1997年,《2018世界品牌500强》排名第88。大家晓得该公司的名字是如何创造的呢?Netflix这个品牌取自英文单词interNet和flicks。因为是创造的名称,域名注册费用大概10美元。因此,自己创造名称,可以节省域名收购费用。

(2019.2.11) 域名投资,风险极大。比如域名,在2010年以美元16,920 成交,这个月此域名再度成交,价格只有129美元。差距非常大!



There is a catch to – and a touch of Chinese too!

(2019.2.16 Sat) Andrew Rosener must be wearing a special type of eyeglasses, because he often looks at a domain and sees great value hidden in it. On the DomainSherpa shows, his answer to why he has bought a certain domain often amazes me. Last week, the top broker mentioned that he recently bought the domain and said there's a catch to it.(Read)

How to contact a domain owner in China

(2019.2.9 Sat) 恭喜恭喜!新春快乐! Happy Chinese New Year! I look forward to another year of good conversation with my readers.(Read)

A constant pain, a Chinese startup, and a category domain

(2019.2.2 Sat) How do you feel if you have to enter a password in order to use the free WiFi service of a store? How much pain is it when you are shopping at various stores? There is a simple solution, and, surprisingly, it comes from China. This story also reveals the ownership of a category domain.(Read)

A poor man's guide to creating a global brand/domain

(2019.1.26 Sat) The internet is a breeding ground of global brands. Once you get there, you'll find bankers, designers, manufacturers, payment processors, logistics providers, and many other talented contacts. If you have a good idea, you'll have every opportunity to get the help and become a global brand. (Read)

LL and LLL .com domains may be best choices for Chinese companies

(2019.1.19 Sat) Recently I posted on LinkedIn the sale of an LLL (letter-letter-letter) .com domain in China. It triggered discussion among my readers and got me into thinking more about the future of acronym domains in China.(Read)