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(2018.8.20) Good domains sell for good price. In a recent domain auction, 2-pin domain was sold for 500,000 yuan. XiaoGou may refer to 小狗 (puppy).

(2018.8.20) 域名升级,理所当然。美国教育机构Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence一直启用官网域名。该公司近日投资8千美元,收购了完全对应品牌的ISEI.com域名。

(2018.8.18) Premium domain has gone live as blockchain-based currency exchange platform in China. XB comes from its English brand name XBanking and apparently not related to its Chinese brand name 未来银行.

(2018.8.18) 最近,域名Soulmate.com在海外以160,000美元成交。这是一枚好域名!Soulmate是英文单词,有“心灵伴侣,知音,梦中情人”的含义,应用在婚恋交友服务非常合适。



Why do Chinese companies like acronym domains?

(2018.8.18 Sat) China is the largest owner of liquid domains according to the quarterly market report by These are very short .com domains such as LL (letter-letter), NN (number-number), and LN (letter-number) .com which can be sold at any time because of a large pool of ready buyers. In this article, I'll focus on the acronym (letters) domains. So, why do Chinese companies like acronym domains? I think there are at least two reasons.(Read)

Entertaining in contents but serious in domains

(2018.8.11 Sat) If you are looking for great entertainment in China, iQiyi is the place to go. Each month over 500 million users sign in to this online service and spend 6 billion hours on it. In fact, iQiyi has become one of the largest video platforms in the world. When it comes to domain strategy, iQiyi is very serious.(Read)

Domains are addresses – and good addresses will be expensive

(2018.8.4 Sat) You may know Hangzhou because of Alibaba, but I know this beautiful city because of the saying "上有天堂,下有苏杭" (Heaven above; Suzhou and Hangzhou below). Recently, Hangzhou was in the news again -- not for its beauty but for an address.(Read)

Facebook, China, and Domains

(2018.7.28 Sat) He married a Chinese woman. He learned Chinese. And he connects with young Chinese. Mark Zuckerberg has made a lot of efforts to win friendship in China, including giving a talk completely in Mandarin at a top-notch Chinese university. Yet, Facebook is not in the Middle Kingdom. Well, it actually was in China – only for a few days.(Read)

The Chinese myth in numeric domains

(2018.7.21 Sat) There is a myth held by many domain investors that Chinese love numeric domains. Such thinking was further enhanced during the 2015/2016 boom when lots of numeric domains – even long ones such as 6 or 7 digits --- were actively traded. That really surprised me. Do Chinese companies really have a special interest in numeric domains?(Read)