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(2019.1.18) 投资域名,必须了解UDRP域名仲裁内容,好好保护你的域名。近日,美国公司Bulu,Inc使用UDRP域名仲裁,成功从中国投资者夺取了Bulu.com域名。据报道,在仲裁之前,Bulu,Inc曾经向域名拥有者询问该域名,域名拥有者一次报价20万美元,另外一次报价50万美元。看来,Bulu,Inc觉得UDRP域名仲裁更便宜吧!Bulu有“不露、补炉、补录、布鲁、不录”等众多含义,应用范围十分广泛。

(2019.1.17) What a slow learner I am! It has taken me years to finally understand the very fundamental concept of domains. What is a domain? A domain is a digital address which consists of two parts: a name and an extension. This is similar to the naming convention of a file system. For example, the corporate domain of one of the largest video platforms in the world is Here, "iQiyi" is the name and ".com" is the extension.

(2019.1.16) 域名既然是投资对象的资产,当然价格有高有低。近日,精品域名Taxes.com以250,000美元成交。但是,该域名曾在2000年以750,000美元出售,18年后,价格却跌了3分之2。所以,投资域名要非常小心。Taxes 有“赋税; 税,税额(Tax的名词复数)”的意思。

(2019.1.15) Domain was recently sold for 100,000 yuan. 3L .com domains are sought after by corporate China because they serve as acronyms with lots of Chinese meanings. For example, BXZ may stand for Bao Xian Zheng (保险证=insurance certificate), Bo Xue Zhe (博学者=a well educated person), Bu Xing Zhe (步行者=pedestrian), and many more. 2L or 3L .com domains should be excellent choices for Chinese companies wanting to both capture the local market (Pinyin most preferred) and go global (English-based preferred).



LL and LLL .com domains may be best choices for Chinese companies

(2019.1.19 Sat) Recently I posted on LinkedIn the sale of an LLL (letter-letter-letter) .com domain in China. It triggered discussion among my readers and got me into thinking more about the future of acronym domains in China.(Read)

Memorable, memorable, memorable

(2019.1.12 Sat) After we moved to the Middle Earth, I was introduced to property investment and learned the rule in picking good addresses in the physical world: location, location, location. Now that a digital world is developing and poised to become the center of our lives, how do you pick good addresses in this new world?(Read)

The 7 personalities of a domain

(2019.1.5 Sat) The more I study the subject of domains, the more I am amazed by the various personalities a domain carries, so today I'll share with you seven of them.(Read)

Domains are assets not expenses

(2018.12.29 Sat) Regular readers may notice that I often use the word "invest" instead of "spend" when reporting the amount paid by a company to acquire a domain. This reflects my conviction that domains are assets not expenses.(Read)

What is a domain?

(2018.12.22 Sat) Even though domain was invented some 30 years ago, its concept is still not generally understood, so today I'll try to explain it in a simple way.(Read)