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(2018.12.14) BaiDu (2-pin) recently acquired 2-pin domain (翻译=translate). Currently, forwards visitors to, which provides AI-based translation services. Note that the two dots indicate Fanyi is a subdomain.

(2018.12.13) 一个单字,加一个水果名称,也可以成为有名的品牌。根据百度百科,“瑜伽服装品牌露露柠檬 (Lululemon) 短短几年时间就从众多体育服装品牌中脱颖而出,而且露露柠檬 (Lululemon) 如今已俨然成为时尚的代名词。无论是大牌明星还是普通主妇,每人都以拥有一件露露柠檬 (Lululemon) 的产品为荣。”LuluLemon是Lulu (卓越的人、俊秀)和Lemon (柠檬)的组合词。该公司官网使用对应品牌的LuluLemon.com域名。

(2018.12.12) 3-pin domains are popular in corporate China. Recently an end user acquired (研习社=research and study) for 30,000 yuan and has developed it into a platform providing AI-assisted educational services.

(2018.12.11) 德国公司也喜欢使用“英文+dotCom”策略。德国公司Fraugster 成立于2014年,提供防止支付欺诈的人工智能技术。该公司近日获得1400萬美元投资。Fraugster可能是Fraud (欺诈) + Gangster (恶棍)的组合名称。官网使用对应品牌的Fraugster.com域名。



Startup founders, is your domain matching your brand?

(2018.12.15 Sat) A domain marks your presence in the digital world – a global one indeed. Yet, in my daily news reading, I come across startup after startup with the domain-matching-brand issue. So, it's time to check your domain and see if it is correctly named.(Read)

Every startup should own a domain

(2018.12.8 Sat) Are you running your business from your own domain? If you are serious about the long-term future of your business, you need to acquire your domain and build the foundation at this digital address.(Read)

China's 7Fresh shows even poor startups can get a good domain

(2018.12.1 Sat) Many startup founders are rich in ideas but short in cash, so spending money on a good domain is often the last thing to consider. Today's story from China will give you ideas to acquire a good domain for as little as $10.(Read)

Few tips to make your digital address stand out in ads

(2018.11.24 Sat) Domains were introduced over 30 years ago, yet many corporate executives still do not know how to write their digital address (domain) to make it stand out in ads and bring consumers directly to their online store. I felt strongly about this issue when I was visiting Japan lately. Here are some examples of digital addresses in the ads I saw while riding the subway in Tokyo.(Read)

If a crazy, stupid name/domain could become a global brand...

(2018.11.17 Sat) Such unfriendly words were given to Jack Ma in the early days of Alibaba, and the words referred to the name "ali baba". Nevertheless, the name went on to become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. What about a domain you just made up and registered for $10?(Read)