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Kassey Lee

I was born in Hong Kong, China. After graduating from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, I spent various times living in Taiwan, USA, and Japan. I currently reside in New Zealand. I started out writing on this website for domain investors in the west. Currently, my focus is on educating CEOs in China on effective use of domain names, while providing English translations of my Chinese posts to share with my western friends as well.

Email: gen at coreile.com
LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/kasseylee

About the Avatar
Yes, it is an image of me. I gave my sister-in-law a recent photo of me and images of some ancient Chinese scholars, and asked her to morph me into an ancient Chinese wise man. The result? I sure look ancient, but unfortunately not wiser. The eyeglasses? Despite my protest, both my wife and her sister think I look better with the glasses on.