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August 5, 2017 (Sat)

10 common domain name mistakes made by startups in China

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

I enjoy reading Chinese domain news. While doing so, I have found many mistakes in how domain names are selected by startups in China. Since last August, I have been writing domain case studies to explore this area. Recently I went through the 200+ cases I have covered and picked up 10 cases to share with you today.

NoMistakeBrand NameDomain Name
1Prefix unneededDaomeng (VR technologies)VRdaomeng.com
2Suffix unneededBibi (self-customized travel)Bibi321.com
3Not related to brandBaishi (logistics)800best.com
4Pinyin too longHuihuisehgnhuo (sharing among members)Huihuishenghuo.com
5Letters too manyDingDangZhongYiBeiJing (medication delivery)DDZYBJ.com
6Letters mixed with pinyinYiBangRen (clothing)YBren.com
7Wrong pinyinXinyi (medical information)Cinyi.com
8Difficult pronunciationNvshenyoucai (financial services)Nvshenyoucai.com
9Difficult to understand8 Tianzaixian (retail service on campus)8dol.com (8 days on line)
10Non mainstream extensionWangxiaolu (food)Wangxiaolu.cc

The brand and domain names listed in this table are examples only. These startups already have proven products or services, which is reflected in successful funding rounds from investors. With the fresh capital, they should consider upgrading to better domain names. So, what is a good domain name? See "Do you own your branded domain name?" for detailed discussion.

Note: This post is based on one of my Chinese articles written with a China-centric perspective.