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(2018.6.20) AI is hot. Out of curiosity, I checked but it is unused. However, many AI+number domains are already active. I checked AI + 0-9 and here is the result: is operated by US car dealer Automotive Innovations; is a software startup backed by Paul Allen;,, and are Chinese sites. So, a main term plus a single digit .com domains are viable choices.

(2018.6.20) 淘刷网是厦门一家网络科技公司,专门提供电商服务,此前启用TaoShuaW.com为官网域名。 看起来,不错嘛,蛮对应品牌? 其实,对应该品牌的域名应该是TaoShuaWang.com甚至。最近,该公司投资了35万人民币,收购。这也更好,域名一字母之差,效果却天壤之别。TaoShuaW.com现在已经没有使用。

(2018.6.19) Sweden-based iZettle is planning an IPO to raise more than $200 million. Often referred to as “Square of Europe”, the payment startup settles on the English name (Zettle is a play on “settle”?) as its corporate domain. To be a global player, try the dotComEnglish domain strategy.

(2018.6.19) Google recently rebranded its Google Research division as Google AI, indicating its importance. Within AI, I think deep learning will completely change the retail scene in the virtual world. As I understand, deep learning can analyze massive data of consumers to create an algorithm linking to their action (e.g. buy certain item). When you can deploy millions of AI-powered store specialists at your digital store, imagine how great you services to your customers could be, and the effect to the bottom line!

(2018.6.19) 京东在过去收购了、JingDong.com以及,但是最终只使用最短的,有什么好处?JD只有两个字母,.com是国际后缀,以JD.com作为品牌,全球的消费者都能够牢牢地记住这个虚拟地址,直接访问网站购物。这是最佳域名策略。根据昨天新闻报道,谷歌将向京东投资5.5亿美元,进行战略合作,在全球多个地区合作提供零售。京东在2012年投资5百万美元收购,对它的全球布局贡献巨大。

(2018.6.18) Short names are great! Uber is a great brand. As the company is readying for its air taxi service Uber Air, it acquired, which is still short enough to be easily remembered by consumers.

(2018.6.18) 惠普公司于2016年推出游戏电脑产品品牌Omen,近日以收购对应该品牌的国际后缀域名。收购价钱虽然没有公布,该域名在2016年曾经叫价25万美元,猜想收购价格超过人民币一百万。所以,除了理对应企业品牌.com域名之外,对应产品品牌的域名也是需要的。

(2018.6.16) Google recently updated its Google Assistant with an eye-popping new feature. It can, for example, call a restaurant to book a table on your behalf. It sounds natural like a human voice and can handle complicated conversation. This is a sign of what you can do at your virtual retail store, by deploying very intelligent and knowledgeable AI specialists to serve your customers in the virtual world. Your digital address (domain) will be more important than your physical address.

(2018.6.16) Alyson Friedensohn of Modern Health needs to look at their corporate domain now that they have received $2.26M seed funding. According to Crunchbase, the startup is using "If you have a US startup called X and you don't have, you should probably change your name."

(2018.6.16) 精品域名本来就是昂贵,现在连2杂域名也不便宜,近日2杂域名3p.com以87.5万元成交,就是因为这域名短小精悍,记忆容易。

(2018.6.15) Jeff Bezos has just become the richest man in the world with net worth of $120 billion. His VC firm Bezos Expeditions ( invests in Lookout (security,, Workday (software,, Rethink Robotics (, etc. The common thread for aspiring startups is .com

(2018.6.15) Taiwan-based live-streaming startup surprised investors last week by abruptly canceling its NYSE listing because of some “settlement issues” related to the IPO. They may also need to look at their domain strategy. Their corporate domain is according to Crunchbase, but Google search suggests as their main site. Both and are active. BTW, has not been developed and does not seem to belong to them. A consistent domain strategy is recommended.

(2018.6.15) 德国公司 Olsen Holding GmbH官网使用德国国家后缀域名。可能是业务扩展到国际市场吧,最近该公司非常渴望使用对应品牌的国际后缀域名,但是又不愿意付约人民币50万收购,最后使用UDRP法律手法,想用很不光荣手法去抢夺域名。失败了!这是一个好的教训,创业之时必须拥有对应品牌的.com域名。

(2018.6.14) Google announced its latest version of Google News recently. The new version is powered by AI. I guess it uses deep learning to understands your needs. Google News lists five stories you need to know, as well as more stories recommended for you. Replace “news” with “shopping” and you’ll see how powerful your retail store in the virtual world will become when you can have a dedicated AI-powered retail specialist for each customer, armed with complete understanding of each specific customer.

(2018.6.14) This startup was founded only in April, 2018 but is already making waves in the blockchain-based app arena. The company name is Elph and its corporate domain is brand-matching This startup is well-positioned to become a global player any time.

(2018.6.14) 三声母域名一直受企业用户喜爱,价格一般在六位数。最近,WWQ.com以20万元成交。该域名含义丰富,有“问问去、娃娃裙、旺旺群、微微钱、娃娃亲、外文圈”等意思,应用范围广泛。

(2018.6.13) Avoid using apostrophe because it does not translate well. Kenya-based telco software company Africa’s Talking recently received $8.6 million investment to further expand its services. It’s already operates in many African countries including Nigeria, Uganda, and Ethiopia. Its corporate domain is Also, do you see the problem when words are combined?

(2018.6.13) 企业应该从一开始就拥有对应品牌的.com。酒店在线预订服务公司Concierge开发了一种基于区块链网络构建的网站,让旅行者和家庭酒店所有者直接进行交流,从而消除第三方平台提供商的服务费用。刚开始使用初创企业喜欢使用的.io后缀。该公司最近宣布因为没办法收购到对应品牌的,只好将品牌改为Travala,并且保护了对应品牌的Travala.com域名。听说,在域名前一阵子在一域名市场平台叫价美金7175元。这显示,尤其是服务一般消费者的公司,必须拥有对应品牌的.com。

(2018.6.12) When it comes to selecting domains, national pride is often put aside. For example, Flytrex and Airobotics are two of the hottest drone startups in Israel, but they both use the .com extension and English-like names: Flytrex (, great!) and Airobotics (, need upgrade to

(2018.6.12) 中弈互娱科技有限公司,去年投资38万元收购三声母QPZ.com域名,近日已经建站。但是,这个域名和该公司的名称有何好关系?

(2018.6.11) Alibaba recently acquired eCommerce startup Daraz founded in Pakistan with presence in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Daraz has a solid domain strategy, operating on country extensions for individual country (,,, and but united under corporate domain

(2018.6.11) 三字母域名一直受企业用户喜爱。最近,RZW.com以29.6万元成交。该域名有“让着我、认证网、任志伟、入职网、融资网、忍者蛙、日租网”等等众多含义,应用范围也十分广泛。

(2018.6.9) Printify was founded in 2013 in Latvia. It prints and ships products for ecommerce sites. Note its corporate domain, which is brand matching and uses the English+dotCom domain strategy to make it ready on day one for global expansion. In 2016, it opened its first office in the US. Interestingly, was registered in 2004, so even good made-up names are becoming scarce.

(2018.6.9) 日本公司一般来说,对域名不感兴趣,甚至在广告里只放搜索引擎的关键词。日本数字货币交易所bitFlyer一直启用官网域名。近日,却收购了对应品牌的。这里可以看到,English+dotCom域名策略非常重要。

(2018.6.8) Malaysia-based iPrice Group integrates ecommerce websites in Southeast Asia to create a single location for shopping. The startup was founded in 2015 and has received investment close to $10 million in total. It is commonly known as iPrice. Its corporate domain is but the brand-matching one should be

(2018.6.8) 这一家意大利媒体公司也喜欢现今流行的 English+dotCom域名策略,启用官网域名,对应公司名称Freeda Media。

(2018.6.7) Microsoft has rebranded Microsoft Wallet as Microsoft Pay. This new name is shorter in pronunciation but is still long compared with Android Pay and Apple Pay. Note that Alibaba has to shorten its name and call it Alipay. When it comes to corporate name and domain, a short name allows you to add more suffix easily.

(2018.6.7) 法国人对自己的文化和语言感到非常自豪,但是这一家法国云端服务公司却喜欢现今流行的 English+dotCom域名策略,启用官网域名,对应公司名称Scaleway。

(2018.6.6) China-based unicorn robotics company UBTECH just closed a massive $820 million Series C funding. It’s smart by securing brand-matching, but not too smart imo to forward visitors to which is its main presence on the internet as evidenced by Google search result. I’m puzzled! Hope this is only a temporary arrangement.

(2018.6.6) 摆账是一个提供财务管理的平台。公司虽然创立于2017,对应域名保护非常小心,先后拿下、、、摆账.com等建立网站,发布同一内容。 官网却不明确,百度搜索结果显示第一位是。 拥有那么多的对应品牌域名还不够吗?当然不够,还差了最重要的.com!该公司近日终于以23万元人民币收购了。

(2018.6.5) Last night I watched the news commentary by Taiwanese TV program [文茜世界周報-亞洲版]. Here's something interesting in the report: China has the highest number -- 140 million -- of entrepreneurs in the world and is growing at 20% per year. I tried to search other sources but could not find similar numbers. If this number is to be believed, there is a potential demand for 140 million domains in China. Compared with the 38 million domains currently registered in China, we can see a thriving domain market in China in the future.

(2018.6.5) 双拼域名一直以来都是受企业欢迎。近日,Shenhua.com在海外域名拍卖会以约人民币32万元的价格成交。Shenghua有“深化、神话、神华、申花、升华、深华”等等众多含义,应用范围非常广泛。

(2018.6.4) A unicorn was born – and it is globally oriented. Alibaba group just invested $321 million in Shanghai-based bike sharing startup Hellobike, valuing it at $1.47 billion. Here are the interesting facts to note: (1) Brand consists of two English words, (2) .com is used in brand-matching domain, (3) currently service appears to be limited to within China but country extension .cn is not used.

(2018.6.4) Recently, a local election in Tennessee was disrupted with inability to display election result due to attack to its website. Just imagine that you are now “living” in the virtual world. You go to vote but the voting station goes down because of some attack. This affects your life.

(2018.6.4) 什么是对应品牌的域名呢?举个例,ACN, Inc. 是美国一家多层次网络营销公司,一直启用官网域名。这个域名对应品牌吗?不。该公司主管也明白这个道理,为了对应品牌,最近以推测6位数美金收购了。

(2018.6.2) To see trend in the use of domains by new companies, I check leading startups as reported by Techcrunch. A recent news story introduces motorbike-taxi hailing service Pathao in Bangladesh. The startup has recently raised more than $10 million in pre-Series A funding. The company’s corporate domain is brand-matching, not its country extension.

(2018.6.2) GotoMeting.com提供视频会议服务,近日以250万美金收购了更短的域名,跳转到。域名越短越好!

(2018.6.1) According to Techcrunch, the world’s largest crypto exchange is China-based Binance, its name is more English-like than Chinese-like, and its corporate domain is brand-matching English+dotCom is popular choice for global players.

(2018.6.1) 2杂.com域名也不便宜。近日,L6.com以38万元成交。这些域名的好处就是短,还是比较容易记。

(2018.5.31) Why should startups upgrade to their best domains? There is a difference between a subpar domain and a good domain which gives you credibility and authority. In this excellent interview on Domain Name Wire, Drew Wash explains how he turned acquired for $8k into a good business but still decided to upgrade to acquired for $175k. His reasons may help you look at your own corporate domain.

(2018.5.31) If you invest in the Chinese domain market and want to know asking prices of various types of domains, you can try, which is owned by domain investor Jinlin XIE. (I don't know him and am unrelated to him. This is from a domain news story I read today.)

(2018.5.31) Did Facebook just acquire its Chinese equivalent .com? 2-pin (meaning "face book") was just sold for 220,000 yuan (about $33k). was registered in 2003 and Whois record shows 2018-05-30 as last update but ownership is under privacy.

(2018.5.31) I think the key to success of a new extension is marketing. I first saw it in action when .co was repositioned from meaning "Columbia" to "Company" under aggressive marketing. Another example is .club. This is an extension which I often come across in Chinese news. Yesterday Colin Campbell spoke to students at Beijing Foreign Studies University. Look at the photos and see how he connects with these future startup founders. In the Chinese society, personal relationship is vital and I think he is moving in the right direction.

(2018.5.31) Some interesting points taken from "Internet Trends 2018" by Mary Meeker * Internet users reached 3.6b and are still growing but at a smaller single-digit rate. Penetration only 49%. * Adults spending 5.9 hours per day on digital media consumption. * Ecommerce is 13% of retail sales. * Ad spend on desktop+mobile = 46%, still less than traditional media Digital life is still in its early growth stage and demand for domains will continue to grow for a long time.

(2018.5.31) Formidable smarter ebike startup Cowboy in Belgium has just scored $3 million in funding but its global reach, if planned, will be limited by its choice of non mainstream domain extension Consumers will have a hard time remembering this digital address, and will be very expensive if ever possible. The use of English word in the corporate domain is good, though.

(2018.5.31) According to "Internet Trends 2018" by Mary Meeker, China will be at the same level as the USA in the AI arena within 5 years. (slide 229). I think the massive data provided by users gives China the edge in deep learning.

(2018.5.31) 域名是投资对象,价格当然有升有降。精品域名宠物)在2008年以7.5万美元成交,近日以1.3万美元拍卖了,就是说在10年后价格跌了很多。

(2018.5.30) Another sign of a developing virtual world. Techcrunch reports that China’s unicorn iTutorGroup (, VIPKid (, and 51Talk ( and others are aggressively recruiting teachers in the US to teach English to children in China using webcam. Note the overwhelming popularity of .com digital addresses in this virtual world.

(2018.5.30) Recently, Facebook announced development of “VR memories” using old photos and videos to enable you to revisit your childhood moment. This is just another sign of the growing virtual world, which interests me because it also indicates the growing importance of digital addresses (domains) in this virtual world.

(2018.5.30) 近日,3个英文单词组合域名KnowYourMoney.com以3万美金(约20万人民币)成交。这域名虽然比较长了一点,但是含义(“了解你的钱”)好,与钱有关,而且容易记,所以能够卖得一个好价钱。

(2018.5.29) Kenyan enterprise software company Africa’s Talking gets it, using a brand matching .com domain The takeaway here is to avoid using apostrophe in names.

(2018.5.29) GDS.2018 (Global Digital Summit) will be held June 1&2 in Xiamen. M+M CEO Toby Hall will promote .vip domains and participate at a panel discussion.

(2018.5.29) Domains starting with vowels sell in China. was sold for 26,500 yuan in a recent auction. Ai has a special and very positive meaning: 爱 (love). Aichi may mean 爱吃 (love to eat).

(2018.5.29) 近日,仙峰网络科技投资千万元,将游戏平台5199.com升级为对应品牌的。5199.com已经跳转到新的域名。品牌域名符合国内消费者的记忆输写习惯,利于品牌的推广和宣传,推动全球布局。

(2018.5.28) Well known startup accelerator Y Combinator started Startup School Beijing to aggressively recruit Chinese startups into its program. This indicates Chinese companies are increasingly important in the global arena. More global companies == more demand for .com domains.

(2018.5.28) 最近,邮件服务公司Presto Services在经营了10年之后关闭,然后以15万美金(大约人民币95万元)将使用的官网域名使用Presto.com卖给刚刚要将品牌改为Presto的一家餐馆智能服务公司。所以说,域名真的是公司资产。

(2018.5.25) NY-based Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator announced 11 new startups in its program: Butler ( Choose (hosted on Flume Health ( HealNow ( Myro ( Orcadex ( Spin Analytics (, available for purchase) Spryfit ( StellarEmploy ( Welnys ( Young Alfred (Young Observation: The new generation of corporate domain users still prefer .com, and brand matching is the key.

(2018.5.25) 如果拿不到喜欢的域名,可以尝试将品牌和域名加个字母“X”。参考、SuitX.com等等。

(2018.5.24) What is really your brand? Viva Technology, an annual tech conference held in Paris, France operates on name-matching So far so good. But, over time, it's been quoted simply as VivaTech but the organization does not own Risks for visitor confusion and email leakage of confidential information.

(2018.5.24) Cordet Capital Partners LLP是英国一家金融服务公司,官网域名使用。该公司最近以大约8万人民币收购了完全对应品牌的Cordet.com域名作为升级。CordetCapital.com跳转到新的域名。

(2018.5.23) Prices of short, meaningful .com domains will continue to rise because of (1) China (2) global awareness of “global” nature of internet business, (3) upgrade from non-mainstream extensions such as .ai

(2018.5.23) 域名3P.com在2010年以2万美元成交,8年后又以87.5万元拍卖了,涨了几十万。可见,域名也是投资对象。

(2018.5.22) International accelerator MetaProp Bridge has announced its first batch of startups: Airlite (Europe,, 720° (Finland,, Frontdoor (France,, and YourWelcome (UK, New startups still prefer .com and brand matching is the rule. Also, symbol does not translate well (as in 720°)

(2018.5.22) 生物技术初创公司斯丹赛最近获得1.8亿投资,官网启用。域名选择不错,虽然是三拼,但是域名很短,而且英文发音还可以。该公司也保护了。此外,、、和SDS.cn也可以考虑收购。

(2018.5.21) India’s largest online lender Capital Float is also good at its domain strategy, operating its business on the brand-matching domain, which is English+dotCom ready for global expansion.

(2018.5.21) 域名买卖,非常简单,也没有国家边界,移动十分方便。比如域名WW.com曾在2014年由国人从海外以654万元收购回来 。2015年在国内转手。近日,该域名又卖到海外了。

(2018.5.18) Domains made of mixed letters and numbers are viable if they are very short. Example:, which is the corporate domain for company 8vc, a venture capital startup founded only in 2015 but already has total funding of $1.5 billion under management.

(2018.5.18) 中文域名,推出了已经好几年,种类也很多,比如.中国、.公司、.网络、.政务、.公益、.网址、.在线、.网址、.我爱你、.商标、.商城、.中文网、.网店、.集团、.手机、.信息、.企业、.商店、.游戏、.娱乐、.广东、.佛山 、.餐厅、.购物、.招聘等等。理论上,以母语上网更方便,但是在应用方面中文域名并不常见。

(2018.5.17) Clark is innovative with its insurance brokerage via mobile app. This startup was founded in 2015 but has received $29 million in Series B funding. If it continues to grow and expand globally, it’ll have a problem. Its corporate domain is and upgrading to will be possible but likely very expensive. Otherwise, it has to rebrand in order to secure a .com domain for global expansion.

(2018.5.17) 4字母.com域名也不便宜。近日,YSTD.com以68888元成交,YSTD有“饮食天地、艺术天地、影视天地”等等含义,应用范围也是广泛。

(2018.5.16) Some of the best .com domains have been going to China, making it a powerhouse in the virtual world. For example, after acquiring, recently investor Yue DAI also bought 2-letter domains are sought after in China before they can be used as acronym for the popular 2-character Pinyin. While actual price has not been revealed, was listed for $1.49 million at a brokerage firm before. DAI now owns 14 2-letter .com domains.

(2018.5.16) 使用非主流后缀,会给一般消费者带来混乱,如果使用的话也应该拥有对应的.com,防止万一发生混乱问题。食物服务平台PlateRate使用PlateRate.guru非主流后缀域名,最近以大约5万人民币收购了。明智之举。

(2018.5.15) 533 million users are already buying stuff on the internet, and this number will only increase. Recently Jack Ma talked about a virtual world in which Alibaba will become the 5th largest economy in the world. In my opinion, primary shopping will shift from high streets to cyber streets and building your business on a prime address (domain) will become critical in your future success.

(2018.5.15) 深圳市海梁科技(Haylion)致力于为中国商用车领域特别是公交行业电动化、智能化、网联化提供国产、自主可控的整体解决方案。官网域名使用。最近,该公司以7,000美金从海外收购了对应品牌的,升级域名。所以说,拥有对应品牌的.com域名是各企业必须考虑的策略。

(2018.5.12) For my convenience in domain discussion, I use the term “corporate brand”. A corporate brand is the common name the general public refer to a company name. It is shorter than the full company name. For example, Elon Musk started a motor company in 2003. The company name was Tesla Motors, Inc., and he registered the domain But, the general public refers to the company as “Tesla” not the longer “Tesla Motors”. So, their corporate domain, which matches their corporate brand “Tesla” should be not Elon Musk knew that, so he started a journey of 13 years and finally acquired and upgraded to it in 2016.

(2018.5.11) How easy is it for you to remember This is the digital address of Punchh in the virtual world. Punchh is a solid startup which just raised $20 million Series B funding to expand its online loyalty card service. Visitors going to the wrong place may be the issue.

(2018.5.11) 为什么域名必须对应品牌?为什么品牌域名那么重要?域名是企业的门面,世界上最好的企业都拥有品牌域名,比如Apple (、Facebook (、Amazon (、阿里巴巴 (、百度 (、京东 (,等等。

(2018.5.10) “ asking $5m is too expensive. is already registered. Let’s get” That may be how startup HelpSelf providing legal self-help services decided on its digital address. But, what a challenge to remember this domain!

(2018.5.10) 2016 年中国互联网Top 100企业当中,88家使用.com。第一位阿里巴巴拥有、第二位腾讯拥有,第三位百度拥有。

(2018.5.9) Just read in Chinese news that Global Domain Summit will be held June 1 to 2 in Xiamen, China, and contents will be expanded to include Global Blockchain Summit. (Of course there will be the CloudFest China X NamesCon China 2018 June 27-30). Surprisingly, I don’t see much publicity about this event. Google search didn’t yield anything related to this event. There have been quite a few domain events held in the past years, including Chinese Domain Festival, Global Domain Industry Summit, China Domain Name Development Conference, and Shanghai Domain Salon. My impression is that interest in domain investment has waned. Maybe we are in bear season.

(2018.5.9) Chinese companies do use English-based domains. The largest workspace sharing company in China was recently acquired by Wework in the US. Its name is Naked Hub operating on

(2018.5.9) “中华”值多少?今天看到一个正在出售的域名,叫价美金5百万。所以说,短而且有含义的.com域名是投资好对象。

(2018.5.8) It’s common knowledge that short .com domains are expensive, so when you see a startup operating from a short .com matching its name, you know it is serious. Founded in 2016, UK-based startup Juro has raised $3m in three rounds of funding to focus its sales contract management services. Its corporate domain is brand matching

(2018.5.8) 域名升级非常普片,国内例子众多,如唯品会 ( ->、Vivo ( ->、OFO (>等等。

(2018.5.7) French startup Alan had a great idea: making health insurance very simple. The idea took off and just few month ago the startup scored $28.3 million Series A investment. But Alan may be restricted in global growth because its corporate domain is It needs if it wants to expand beyond EU.

(2018.5.7) 品牌域名节省广告费用。上市公司酒仙网董事长郝鸿峰曾说“一个好的域名可以省下90%的广告费”。京东在2012年投资3千万将360buy.com升级到。结果,大量的消费者直接访问,京东从而节省1亿元以上搜索引擎广告费用。

(2018.5.5) The virtual world is global, so when you start a new business aim for the whole world. This means paying attention to USA and China. What should be your domain strategy for these two largest economies? (1) Get .com domains on day one. (2) Make sure your corporate brand and your .com domain fully match. (3) Secure brand-matching .cn domain. (4) Translate brand to Chinese and secure matching Pinyin .com and .cn.

(2018.5.5) 域名令品牌更完美。传统的品牌思维是让消费者将产品链接到品牌。拥有品牌域名则更上一层楼,当消费者想起一个产品,就能够联想有关品牌以及商店网址。比如,手机->小米->,购物简单直接。

(2018.5.4) Did you know the highest valued AI startup comes from China? According to Techcrunch, the most recent $600 million Series C funding has pushed SenseTime to become the highest-valued AI startup in the world. The company was founded only in 2014, and it already has a global strategy in place: (English+dotcom)

(2018.5.4) 根据百度调查,42%访问者直接输入域名访问网站,而且趋势上升。品牌域名让消费者容易直接访问网站,企业巨头如阿里巴巴、京东、乐视等等更将品牌域名放进标志里面,强化消费者对域名的记忆。

(2018.5.3) China-based Tencent is teaming up with US edtech startup Age of Learning to bring the latter’s English learning app to China. Both Tencent and Age of Learning use brand matching .com: and

(2018.5.3) 名正才言顺。特斯拉(Tesla Motors)在创立之时使用,但是消费者却习惯了Tesla这个品牌。特斯拉花了13年的岁月和巨款,终于在2016年将官网域名改为。

(2018.5.2) Brazil-based bike sharing startup Yellow just raised $9 million, so its idea must be working. How much authority could it get if the startup owned Instead, its corporate domain is Internet-based businesses are global in nature, and a brand matching .com gives you the best global position.

(2018.5.2) 为什么国外单词复数的要比单词单数的价格往往要高?一般来说,域名单数比复数的应用范围广泛,所以价值比较高。比如Apple.com可以应用在包括电脑、手机等等行业,但Apples.com只能应用在苹果行业。

(2018.5.1) How much does it cost you to lease a physical address in order to start a business? In the virtual world, you can easily get an address (domain) for less than $10. If you are willing to pay a few thousand dollars, you get an even better address. The virtual world is really a level playing field where anyone with talent can start a business – a global business indeed. Just remember to get a brand-matching .com domain if you want to be ready for global expansion on day one.

(2018.5.1) 有什么东西可以完全代替域名呢?目前没有。这也说明为什么京东花了5百万美元收购、乐视花了1千万美元买了,Vivo手机花了2百万美元拿下、OFO共享单车花了1百万美元取得OFO.com等等。

(2018.4.30) A 2-pin domain is better than NN domain. A Chinese real estate company was using to match its brand 98 Fang Chan Wang (98 房产网) but recently rebranded to Zhao Fang Wang (找房网) and changed its domain to matching The reason, I guess, is that 98 does not project any image in the minds of consumers, as compared to Zhaofang which means house hunting.

(2018.4.30) 数字域名可以使用吗?当然可以,像阿里巴巴启用。很多企业成功使用数字域名。但是,数字域名要依靠谐音来取得意思,比起字母域名,应用范围就比较狭。

(2018.4.27) Sometimes a hyphen in a domain is desirable if it is already present in your brand. For example, B-wom is a Spanish startup based in Barcelona for bettering women’s health. Its corporate domain is the brand matching (Barcelona women?)

(2018.4.27) 域名是虚拟世界的地产,好的域名长期价值上升。最近,域名投资家Mike Mann以6.5万美金卖了。这个域名他在2005年以350元买下来,13年间,价值涨了185倍!

(2018.4.26) “Why did you register your domain using an extension which is not .com?” “Because the .com was already taken”. Long live .com!

(2018.4.26) 驿庭公寓提供公寓租住服务,公司虽然去年设立,近日已经获得种子投资。今后发展空间很大,但是使用的官网域名是。.net并不是主流后缀,在记忆是颇有问题,最大风险在于邮箱地址容易错误,导致企业秘密外泄。对应品牌的Yiting.com是一个简单的美妆资讯网站,看起来还有机会收购。

(2018.4.25) It may look worthless but can be worth a lot if it carries a relevant meaning. Well known domain investor Frank Schilling recently sold for a whopping $23,000 to a colon cancer screening device maker. I guess New50 means a new life for those in their 50s risking loss of life due to colon cancer.

(2018.4.25) 人工智能公司商汤科技,设立于2014年,却因为最近获得6亿美元的C轮投资,成为全球市值最高的AI企业。该公司官网域名,符合我一直推动的英文+dotCom域名策略,利于品牌的推广和宣传,推动全球布局。

(2018.4.24) A virtual world is shaping up with the help of VR, chatbots, and other AI technologies. Consumers will spend more time shopping in the virtual world than the physical world. Here, domain is the center. It's your store address in the virtual world. A good store address makes it easy for your customers to come.

(2018.4.24) 四声母.com域名一般价格在4位数到5位数,比如最近域名YDGJ.com以约人民币9万元成交。YDGJ有“阅读感觉、云端工具、一代国际”等等众多含义,应用范围广泛。

(2018.4.23) The internet makes it possible to have your store purely in the virtual world without need for brick-and-mortar presence. In this business model, what are the keys to success? Store address (domain), store (website) design, and services (AI-powered), just to name a few.

(2018.4.23) 现在还可以注册到.com域名! 美国初创公司Chairman Mom提供在职妈妈服务,使用的官网域名是对应品牌的,该域名在2017年注册。

(2018.4.21) What does “brand-matching domain” mean? Example: Jack Ma’s company is Alibaba Group Holding, but most people remember it as “Alibaba”. Therefore, its brand-matching domain is -- not or Remember this rule/example when you decide on your corporate domain.

(2018.4.21) .com后缀真的是得天独厚,不花一文就可以得到广大宣传。当消费者看到、、Hotels.com等等品牌的刚刚之时,很自然就以为.com是优良后缀。

(2018.4.20) Cleo is a UK-based fintech startup which offers an AI-powered chatbot on your phone for banking. Its corporate domain is Does this domain inspire any trust when doing your banking? Why add “Meet” when it is not related to the company name at all? Have they thought about the consequence of not using a domain matching their company name? The biggest risk will be email leakage of confidential information from their customers, suppliers, and employees when someone just sends emails to instead of

(2018.4.20) 这双拼域名还是比2数字域名好! 河北团结网络科技有限公司原先使用“98 房产网”品牌,域名也是对应品牌的。但是,最近该公司将品牌改为简洁好记的“找房网”,域名使用,而98.com则跳转到新的网站。其实,2数字.com域名非常昂贵,一般是人民币7位数以上。

(2018.4.19) Google recently invested $2.4 billion in acquiring a prime address (Chelsea Market building) in Manhattan of New York City. In contrast, prime digital addresses (domains) in the virtual world are still very cheap -- many are still less than $1 million. One is local and the other is global. Think about their foot traffic and think about their prices. That's why I have a lot of confidence in the future prices of prime .com addresses.

(2018.4.19) 拥有对应品牌的.com域名非常重要。一家意大利时尚公司以域名MyBoutique.it建立并且经营购物网站。近日,该公司为了拿下更好的MyBoutique.com域名,竟然不择手段,使用UDRP诉讼,想夺取该域名。结果,还是失败了。所以,企业应该一开始就保护对应品牌的.com域名。

(2018.4.18) The ultimate in branding: your brand is exactly your corporate domain. Case in point: UK-based ecommerce platform was founded in 2010 but has already expanded its business to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Multiple fundings have been raised, totaling over $130m. Since its brand and its corporate domain are identical, remembering its domain is very easy.

(2018.4.18) 我喜欢短小精悍的拼音域名,比如近日以人民币4.8万元成交的双拼。该域名有“托日、拓日”的含义,而且英文发音不错,有助于推动全球布局。

(2018.4.17) [Some basics about domains] Evolution: => => Domain = name.extension e.g. Sub domain = e.g. Domain is case insensitive e.g. = APPLE.COM = apple.COM = aPplE.cOm etc. (Use a style best for your marketing message.) Extension types: global extension (.com), country extension (.uk, .cn etc), others (.net, .guru, etc) Technically, all domains are the same and can be used to build websites.

(2018.4.17) 双拼域名是许多企业买家青睐的对象,比如在去年11月以六位数成交的,近日已建立了“楼讯网”网站。

(2018.4.16) Few days ago we went to see the movie Ready Player One directed by Steven Spielberg. It gives you a glimpse of the virtual world which more and more people are entering. While the move is all about games, my thinking is about shopping. I can see that future shopping will mostly be done in the virtual world, because it’s convenient (open 24/7) and it offers better services (by AI bots). For example, recently the wheels of my vacuum cleaner come off, but I found it a pain to call its maker and then waste time going nowhere because of lack of product knowledge of the staff. If I could enter the virtual world, I would take it to the maker’s store. The store staff (AI bot) would speak my language, have complete history of my vacuum cleaner, and be able to advise me how to fix it -- all from the comfort of my home. Here, the digital address (domain) of the store becomes very important. A domain matching the brand and using a well-known extension (.com) is desirable because it is the easiest for consumers to remember.

(2018.4.16) 企业改名之前,必须准备好对应的.com域名。 最近,飞利浦品牌Philips Lighting改名为Signify,域名也随着改为对应品牌的。据报道,该公司早在半年前已经悄悄地收购了,这是非常聪明的做法。因为一旦公布了新品牌,对应的.com域名一定会价格高腾。

(2018.4.14) Mainstream extensions in corporate China are first .com followed by .cn. Use of other extensions such as .co and .io are far and between, You can find other extensions but they play a minor role. Perhaps the most well known non-mainstream extension I have come across in China is .me (country extension of Montenegro) as used in food delivery startup, which was acquired by Alibaba for $9.5b recently.

(2018.4.13) Non-mainstream extensions can be used, but consumer acceptance may take time. Example: Joom is a Lativa-based ecommerce site. It operates from its brand matching domain The company recently acquired for about $1,500. I think this is a good example of using non-mainstream extensions, where the whole name flows well (brand on the left of the dot followed by a specific function of the brand). Will consumers accept and remember non-mainstream extensions? Only time will tell.

(2018.4.13) 品牌最高领域:品牌和域名合二为一。英国家具电商网站,设立于2010,目前业务已经扩展到法国,比利时,荷兰以及卢森堡。获得多次投资,金额超过1亿美元。该公司的品牌和域名完全一样,所以记忆它的官网域名非常容易。

(2018.4.11) Chinese companies like 2-letter .com names because they match 2-pinyin names popular in China. Here's an example. Last year domain investor Aron Meystedt sold It was acquired by a Chinese investor who recently onsold to gaming startup Xian Feng (仙峰) for about 10 million yuan (about $1.6m) as reported. Xian Feng may likely upgrade its corporate domain from to the brand matching

(2018.4.11) 很多企业喜欢将域名升级,对应品牌。比如英国跑车制造商Lister公司官网域名一直启用,但是近日收购l对应品牌的。之前,著名企业特斯拉创立之时错失品牌域名,经过13年坚持不懈的努力,终于在2016年成功把官网域名Teslamotors.com升级为,其业务也从电动车扩大到太阳能板以及更多的领域。所以说,拥有对应品牌的.com域名非常重要。

(2018.4.10) Adding a letter in front of a dictionary word may become popular. For example, business management company xMatters is a serious startup, as it has received several rounds of investment. Its corporate domain is

(2018.4.10) 域名升级非常普遍。近日,美国床垫初创公司Purple投资了90万美元,将官网域名从 升级到对应品牌的。这显示对应品牌的.com域名非常重要。

(2018.4.9) Israel-based biotech startup SuperMeat has developed a way to produce chicken meat from the lab, and has already raised $3M in investment. Corporate domain is matching

(2018.4.9) 近日,极品域名 在域名拍卖会以90万美元成交。这域名有“ 伟大的、杰出的、重大的”等等含义,应用范围十分广泛。

(2018.4.5) When you acquire a company, make sure its matching .com comes with it. Aurelius acquired the Viking business of Office Depot in 2016 but forgot to include the matching Office Depot later refused to sell, then Aurelius filed UDRP arbitration but was given reverse domain hijacking instead.

(2018.4.5) 又有三家企业放弃了品牌后缀。索尼公司放弃了对应手机 Xperia品牌的 .xperia。另外,葡萄牙通信公司MEO 也放弃了.meo和.sapo。品牌后缀还有将来吗?

(2018.4.4) is difficult to find, people become creative. A company decided to add a "d" after the word "degree" and called itself "Degreed" operating on the matching The startup has no problem attracting investment, scoring $42M recently for its service to help employees learn the right skills.

(2018.4.4) 谁说.com域名远见资源枯竭?刚刚创立不久的美国初创公司DearBrightly专门提供护肤服务,官网域名是对应品牌的。我查了一下该域名注册日期,发现是2017-12-29。所以说,只要动脑筋,现在还可以注册对应品牌的.com域名。

(2018.4.3) Many Israeli startups prefer the English+dotCom domain strategy. Today's example is laundry-folding robot designer startup FoldiMate running its business from

(2018.4.3) 公司名称,尽量不要使用符号,以免注册域名时候发生问题。举个例子,A+E Networks是美国媒体公司,名下众多子公司。从它的名字,你可以猜得到它的官网域名吗?。

(2018.4.2) French companies love English+dotCom domain strategy too. For example, Spendesk helps companies track their expenses. Its corporate domain is matching

(2018.4.2) 又有一个国家使用更简单的域名形式!这几年,不少国家如英国、新西兰、澳大利亚等等纷纷推出只有一个点的域名,方便消费者。近日,南非也开始使用只有一个点的域名形式。比如,如果你现在的域名是,将来可以注册更短的。

(2018.3.31) How much do you think is worth? It was sold recently for $20,000. Surprised? Buyer sets the value and seller sets the price. It was bought by Sweden-based lingerie company Miss Mary for upgrade from to become a global player. So, it's willing to pay a lot.

(2018.3.31) 这个使用两个英文单词的组合域名真不便宜!一家初创公司最近以20万美金收购了。Jump Rope有“跳绳”的含义,可以作为一个不错的品牌。

(2018.3.30) Even though I advocate the English+dotCom domain strategy, am I against other extensions? No, all of them can be used, you just have to be aware of the risks/costs. Flying car startup Kitty Hawk is led by self-driving car pioneer Sebastian Thrun and Google co-founder Larry Page, but the startup has chosen its corporate domain as If the company remains in a niche market, it may be OK. But, if it wants to go mainstream targeting consumers, then .com is still preferred.

(2018.3.30) AGM手机的广告真棒!该公司的官网域名AGMmobile.com就差了一点。要成为一流品牌,必须拥有。但是,收购AGM.com的机会非常低,因为过域名目前已经建站,拥有者是环球企业Apollo Global Management。我看,将来AGM可能要改品牌。

(2018.3.29) Britain-based toy startup Tech Will Save U recently received $4.2m Series A funding. Corporate domain is Can it be a brand?

(2018.3.29) 公寓长租服务初创企业 Spotahome 设立于2014年,已经多次获得投资。虽然是西班牙公司,却挑选了容易记的英文品牌,官网也启用对应品牌的Spotahome.com利于品牌的推广和宣传,推动全球布局。

(2018.3.28) Denmark-based social art marketplace startup Artland has just scored $1M in seed funding. It's English name is easy to remember across the world, but they need to upgrade their corporate domain from to the brand matching

(2018.3.28) Quoine是一家提供比特币交易和其他加密货币相关服务的新加坡公司,设立于2014年。该公司的官网启用对应公司名称的。最近,该公司更投资75万美金收购了对应该公司Liquid品牌的。初创企业,还是喜欢.com域名!

(2018.3.27) Google launching .app on March 29 but I don't see much future in it. HTML5, PWA etc. will make web apps better than native apps. The pendulum is swinging back to the web.

(2018.3.27) New50.com这个域名,你猜卖了多少?2.3万美金!有名域名投资家Frank Schilling最近将这个域名卖给一家 制造直肠癌筛查检仪器公司。New50的含义可能是“新的50岁”。所以说,域名含义好,价值自然高。

(2018.3.26) Russian president used the term “invincible missile” in a recent speech, and someone managed to register right away. This proves that we are not running out of domains! New terms are created everyday.

(2018.3.26) 作为投资对象的域名,价格当然会升高或下跌。域名PrizeFight.com就是一个好的例子: 美金 $106,000 (2006) -> $20,000 (2010) -> $12,000 (2015) -> $9,000 (2018)。域名投资并不简单!

(2018.3.24) If attacked, check their trademark first. Social media startup Social Status (corporate domain recently used UDRP to try to grab from Google. Google did not respond but won easily because the startup failed to prove it has trademark in the name.

(2018.3.24) 又一个二字母.com域名流进中国啦!近日GY.com被国人从海外收购回国,但是价钱没有公布。二字母.com域名在中国非常受欢迎,价格美金7位数以上,比如 (500万美金,买家京东)、 (1000万美金,买家乐视)、 (360万美金,买家小米)等等。

(2018.3.23) As demand for .com domains continues, people have to be creative with brand and domain. Example: Hunter2, a new online learning platform for engineers, operates on

(2018.3.23) 一起作业是一个教育平台,近日获得2亿美金投资。官网启用,应该考虑升级到品牌域名Yiqizuoye.com甚至,利于品牌的推广和宣传,推动全球布局。域名是企业的门面,必须对应品牌、简单易记、世界通用。

(2018.3.22) .com is not just an American but global extension. A case in point: Chinese internet giant Tencent just led a $115 million investment in music streaming service provider Gaana in India. The corporate domains of Tencent and Gaana are and respectively.

(2018.3.22) 极品2字母.com域名DF.com被区块链初创企业银链科技收购,虽然价钱没有公布,应该是美金7位数以上。DF有“东方、大夫、刀锋、顶峰”等等含义,应用范围很广。

(2018.3.21) Apple has moved iCloud data of mainland Chinese users to a company in China. This suggests all domains of websites hosted in China will have to reside in China. This increases the importance of having your matching .cn domain for China and .com for the rest of the world.

(2018.3.21) 域名降级!薪太软提供薪酬支付管服务,近日也获得1亿元Pre-A轮投资。该公司早期使用,后来升级到完全对应品牌的。奇怪的是,薪太软又将官网域名改为,真的莫名其妙!

(2018.3.20) Hong Kong-based Gobee Bike just shut down its French operation on, but its corporate domain is Lack of consistency in naming. Worse still, consumers will simply shorten the name to "gobee" but the startup does not own (it has though).

(2018.3.20) 好的域名,价值高升。英文域名,含义“心灵伴侣”,在2011年以10万美金的价格成交,最近又在域名拍卖会拍出了16万美元。所以说,域名也是投资的好项目。

(2018.3.19) Today, it's still possible to register decent .com domains if you use your creativity. For example may not be spectacular but nevertheless short and decent. This domain matches the name of Taiwan-based startup KKDay providing services to travelers. Just make sure you decide your brand and matching .com domain at the same time.

(2018.3.19) 域名升级,最有名的是京东在2012年花了5百万美金从360buy.com升级到。近日,视频会议平台“好视通”也从难记的fsmeeting.com升级的对应品牌的。3字母.com域名价格昂贵,一般要人民币6位数字。

(2018.3.17) Domain may look cool and no doubt can be remembered by folks in the niche community of AI. Its problem will come if it decides to go mainstream and meet the global community of consumers.

(2018.3.17) 找油网是一个石油服务平台,近日获得C1轮投资。官网启用。我看,应该考虑升级到、ZYW.com甚至,符合国内消费者的记忆输写习惯,利于品牌的推广和宣传,推动全球布局。

(2018.3.16) Your global strategy is simple: start with a brand matching English+dotCom, your store address in the virtual world. Swedish Fintech startup Anyfin is a good example. It was founded in 2017 but has already received €4.8 million in Series A investment. This madeup name is English based and very meaningful. Corporate domain is, which is short and brand matching.

(2018.3.16) 阿拉丁是一个统计平台,近日获得A轮6000万元投资。官网启用。长了一点吧!能够的话,可以考虑升级到品牌域名。域名是企业的门面,必须对应品牌、简单易记、世界通用。

(2018.3.15) Startups are going global by not using their own language and country extension when choosing a domain. Skelter Labs are obviously not Korean words and the matching domain does not use the Korean country extension .kr either. This AI startup was founded in 2015 and recently received over $9m investment.

(2018.3.15) 数据最新统计,全球域名注册总数达到3.3亿个,其中com域名占了1.3亿个。.com依然是全世界最受欢迎的域名后缀。

(2018.3.14) Businesses come and go, but a good domain lives forever. Case in point:, once owned by Continental Airlines in the USA but now operating as a Germany-based tire business. The domain has global appeal.

(2018.3.14) 在虚拟世界里面,将来也会出现豪宅,也就是极品的.com域名,比如、、、、Great.com等等,加上为豪宅服务的一流内容创作和管理公司。

(2018.3.13) Ready to rebrand for "global" appeal? Hong Kong-based Asia Inspection has outgrown its name by having offices across the world providing goods inspection services. The firm recently spent $335,000 to acquire, suggesting the company may upgrade from Asia Inspection (on to simply

(2018.3.13) 简单的英文域名对全球布局非常有利。由京东与美丽联合集团共同成立的电商平台“微选”的官网域名Weshop.com就是一个好的例子。We Shop谐音“微选”对应品牌,而且有“我们一起购物”的含义,在国内外都可以使用。

(2018.3.12) South Korea wants to produce more unicon startups. They already have Coupang and Yello Mobile operating from and respectively. Yes, the next generation still loves brand matching .com.

(2018.3.12) 智慧树是一个幼教平台,近日获得7亿元人民币投资。官网启用,这个简单的英文域名,在使用上应该没有什么问题。但是,该公司还没有拥有对应品牌的zhihuishu.com或ZHS.com域名,可是美中不足!

(2018.3.10) Progressive Web Apps (PWA) looks impressive with backup from heavy hitters like Google and Microsoft. If this trend succeeds, the pendulum will swing back from native apps to the web, making domains even more important.

(2018.3.10) 投资房地产的朋友大概了解水波纹效果(Ripple Effect)的功能。简单的来说,当市中心的房价一直上升的时候,一些投资者便会往外跑,收购比较便宜的房子,因为他们知道他们买下来的房子,因为水波纹效果,迟早价格也会上升。这种情况,也发生在域名投资范围。比如2字母.com域名,价格不菲,动不动就要美金7位数,结果引起大家对2杂.com域名的喜爱,近期价格大概是美金6位数。2杂.com短小精悍,对广告宣传、推广也有一定益处。举个例子,L7.com这个域名可以创造为“丽7、旅7、理7”等等品牌,应用在美容,旅游,理财方面。所以,如果你觉得2字母.com域名太昂贵,可以考虑收购2杂.com域名。

(2018.3.9) When you see the name Nike, what do you recall? Running shoes, right? Where can you go and buy a pair of Nike shoes? So effortless for the consumers to remember you! Nike is great in marketing. I like the several commercials NIke did where the last scene is merely a simple page consisting of the Nike logo and its domain.

(2018.3.9) 近日,UDRP裁决下令将价值约50万美金的ADO.com域名转移到墨西哥巴士公司ADO名下。该公司目前使用。原因可能是被告人在主页里面放了一个类似投诉人的标志。所以我建议,不要在没有使用的域名放任何标志、广告或是关于其他公司的信息。

(2018.3.8) I don't like use of hyphen in a domain, but sometimes it's necessary if the brand contains it. For example, supermarket chain H-E-B was founded in 1905 and has $21 billion in revenue. Its corporate domain is but the brand matching seems to be own by an individual. For brand protection, I think H-E-B should also own

(2018.3.8) 南非传媒集团Naspers、中国团购网站美团、印度外卖平台Swiggy,这三家公司有什么关系和相同地方?Naspers和美团近日共同投资Swiggy,数额达1亿美元。大家有没有注意到,他们都使用品牌域名?、Meituan.com和。所以,要成为一流企业,必须拥有自己的品牌域名。

(2018.3.7) This French payment startup gets it -- but only partly. Their name is Lydia, which is very appropriate because "Lydia was probably the first realm to use coined money," according to Oxford Dictionaries. Their corporate domain uses, but they added two elements which dampen the prestige they should have. The domain?

(2018.3.7) 如果你先登记你的公司名称,然后发现不能注册对应公司名称的.com的时候,怎么办? 您可以尝试向该域名拥有者购买,或将您的公司名称更改为您可以注册的.com。 这就是我的所经验。长期以来 我的公司名称是Weston Limited,但Weston.com被一家美国大公司拥有,所以不可能收购。结果,我找到并注册了,然后将公司名称更改为Coreile Limited。 你有这样经验吗?

(2018.3.6) Why does this Italian coin exchange BitGrail use "English+dotCom" domain strategy by using Answer: internet means global business.

(2018.3.6) 越来越多的人认识域名是虚拟世界里面的地产。那么除了昂贵的商业地产以外,当然应该存在有钱人喜欢的地址,建筑自己喜欢的豪宅。那些域名可以这样使用?(1).com (2)短(3)全世界的人都可以明白。比如,最近以美金90万元拍卖出去的。

(2018.3.5) It's still common to see companies failing to use brand matching .com. For example, Azio makes retro classic typewriter-inspired Bluetooth keyboards. It is usually remembered as "Azio" not "Azio Corp", but its corporate domain is Its biggest risk is email leakage of corporate secrets when its workers, suppliers, customers, and other contacts make a mistake and send emails to instead.

(2018.3.5) 我觉得目前还是以主流后缀.com或.cn做官网域名比较好。ICANN近日发布信息,大幅修正2018年从新后缀域名注册来的收入,由890万美金降低到460万美金。这说明近年推出的一千多个新后缀,并没有ICANN期待的那么流行。因此,新后缀在一般消费者的认知度还是有问题。

(2018.3.3) What do South African media giant Naspers, Chinese group buying startup Meituan, and Indian food delivery platform Swiggy have in common? They all own their brand matching .com:,, and respectively. The internet is global. Anyone can start a business on the internet and turn it global quickly. Get your brand matching .com on day one and you can go global any time.

(2018.3.3) 区块链初创公司Publica近日以美金7.5万元收购了。该公司官网域名Publica.io现跳转到。Publica是拉丁文,有“公众服务”的含义。域名升级是众多初创公司必经之路。

(2018.3.2) $50-million funded French scooter startup Cityscoot is only half of English+dotCom strategy. Its name is English but extension is .eu. If it becomes big, it needs to acquire or else rebrand.

(2018.3.2) 荷兰网络公司Voys.nl需要升级到对应品牌的,却不愿意付好价钱收购,而使用便宜但是并不正当的UDRP法律方法,结果反而被判反向劫持域名,太不光荣啦。所以,一开始就应该使用对应品牌的.com域名。

(2018.3.1) If you want to be seen as an up and coming global player, English+dotCom is your best naming strategy. Example: Germany-based API developer CloudRail on

(2018.3.1) 美国电商Brit+Co注重将DIY信息与人们的生活方式相结合,创造新的生活知识,已经4次获得投资家的投资。从这公司的名字,你可以猜出该公司的域名吗?不是,是。co是哥伦比亚的国家后缀。

(2018.2.28) Yes, the name can give you credibility and authority in your field. For example, indicates to you the company must be the best in the art world. In fact, is the company's name, brand, and domain.

(2018.2.28) Esther Dyson, founding chairman of domain organization ICANN, once said "No, we run out of space in people's head." when commenting on the issue of running out of domains. I agree. What we need is to think. Everyday I read Techcrunch and find startups creating new names with matching .com. For example, Edovo on provides education to prisons across USA. "Ed" indicates to you the company is in the education field.

(2018.2.27) A name matching .com is not good enough. Be brand matching! Why? Take the example of Uber Technologies Inc. Why did it not simply pay $10 to register instead of spending $1 million to acquire Would you remember were it their corporate domain?

(2018.2.27) Even busy celebrities know how to select domains. Popular actress Maisie Williams who stars in Game of Thrones recently created a platform for creative folks to socialize. In addition to the mobile app Daisie, she has also secured the brand matching domain

(2018.2.26) Is it foreclosure sale in the virtual world? Domain was recently put up for auction as a result of bankruptcy of owner National Event Company. What else do you see?

(2018.2.26) 在网络安全产品开发方面,以色列遥遥领先。今天在Techcrunch阅读了一篇关于以色列网络安全界的报道,所介绍的以色列企业大部分使用.com域名,许多更是英文+对应品牌的.com域名,比如Deep Instinct、PerimeterX、Twistlock等等。

(2018.2.24) Is 4 a bad number in China? How about Is it a bad domain? I don't think so. 4461 rhymes with 事事如意 (all the best). Easy to remember by Chinese consumers.

(2018.2.24) Better pay the price than being labelled as reverse domain name hijacker! Wedding Flea Market, LLC was founded in 2015, but their brand matching domain was already taken (in 2013). So they registered They knew they needed the singular term which is the only domain that matches their brand. They tried and tried. In 2017, the owner finally responded with a price of $7,500. But the company decided to use UDRP to try to grab the domain. They failed, and was labelled reverse domain name hijacker. Why not just pay the $7,500 asking price? The UDRP proceeding could have cost them more than $5,000.

(2018.2.23) Came across some posts by China Money Network. Great stuff. They are riding the two tidal waves: China and AI/internet. This media startup is Hong Kong based but uses "English+dotCom" brand matching domain This is the strategy I have been advocating. The domain is a bit long but nevertheless easy to pronounce and remember. is not currently used but owned by Higher Education, so they have a chance to upgrade to when they can afford (similar names sell for 5 to 6 figures USD). They should secure or (if they don't own them) to plan for future events when the government may require domains of active sites in China to remain within China.

(2018.2.23) 法国生活质量服务商Sodexo集团最近收购了同样是法国企业的在线餐厅FoodCher。Sodexo的官网域名是,而FoodCher是。像法国那么重视自己文化的国家,也采用来源自美国的.com。所以说,要成为互联网有力的企业,必须拥有对应品牌的.com域名。

(2018.2.22) Many Chinese startups understand the importance of adopting mainstream domain extension .com. For example, I just read on Techcrunch about the rising star Rokid and their AI products. Their corporate domain is brand matching If you use a .com name matching your brand, it requires least effort for consumers to remember your domain. Rokid doesn't even bother to have a Chinese brand name. They just use Rokid both inside and outside China.

(2018.2.22) I'm not seeing why .brand will succeed. Another large company has given up hope on their .brand. British pharmacy chain Boots has, in its 2nd attempt, applied to have their .boots cancelled. .brand has a semantic issue: the brand name is on the wrong side of the dot (.). Example: vs Which flows better?

(2018.2.21) Domains are expensive! Corporate domain of Japanese company Glory is They wanted to upgrade to not by paying for it but using legal approach UDRP to grab it. They failed!

(2018.2.21) 葡萄牙的人工智能语言翻译平台Unbabel又获得投资融资,这次是B轮2300万美元。Unbabel这个名字很有趣,Babel源自圣经故事,洪水大劫之后,天下人都讲一样的语言,他们自大,要建造一座通天塔。此举令上帝震怒, 变乱了人类的语言。Unbabel的官网域名是对应品牌的。

(2018.2.20) Lily excels as personal stylists in fashion, but they need a domain stylist and use their fresh $2m funding to upgrade their not so stylish domain.

(2018.2.20) Tara & Co is a women lifestyle startup. Its domain is: NO, it's What a difficult domain to remember!

(2018.2.19) Israeli entrepreneurs created Homeis so that "Living abroad feels like having two homes. homeis is where the two come together" Corporate domain is Creative and appropriate!

(2018.2.19) Brazil-based fintech startup Creditas just received $50 million funding for its innovative lending services. They also have vision too, securing both and

(2018.2.17) The good and the bad. Germany-based Penta provides digital bank accounts from its is good, but "Get" is not.

(2018.2.17) 真可笑,西班牙医疗公司Equipo IVI SL,服务全球众多国家,官网启用,域名不太好吧。对,该公司也知道这个问题。但是,他们的解决方法却令人失望,为了拿下所需要的高端域名,竟然使用UDRP域名仲裁。该域名持有者来头也不小,是美国上市医疗服务公司WebMD,拥有该域名20多年。结果,当然Equipo IVI SL败诉。所以我说,要拥有高端域名,必须付出巨额金钱。

(2018.2.16) This is the ultimate in branding: Create a brand in the minds of consumers so that whenever they think of the brand, they think of (1) a product and (2) store address to buy it. Example: when you think of "apple", you think of iPhone and think of going to to buy it. That's why a brand matching .com is vital.

(2018.2.16) Sno-go makes innovative ski equipment, but they don't seem to own,, Their corporate domain is Word of mouth challenge!

(2018.2.15) A domain consists of two parts: name and extension. Example: The easiest way for consumers to remember your digital address is brand matching name and global extension .com.

(2018.2.15) 高盛集团的品牌是Goldman Sachs,官网使用,十分正确。但是,人们的习惯是将名字缩短,Goldman Sachs就成为Goldman。高盛重视域名,为了保护Goldman品牌,也使用。更厉害的是,高盛竟然拥有极品域名!

(2018.2.14) The internet is like land, sea, and air. They connect the world separated by national boundaries. As such, country extensions are necessary, apart from .com, as all countries want sovereignty

(2018.2.14) Domains may tell you a company's future plan. Amazon recently registered,, etc. Ready to compete with YouTube?

(2018.2.13) Taiwan-based diabetes tracking service Health2Sync gets it. Corporate domain is Though not easy to remember, at least it is brand matching on .com.

(2018.2.13) Can you easily remember the digital address of this Israel-based technology investment group Viola? It's not but

(2018.2.12) Will a word followed by a number work? Certainly. Today I read in tech news a billion dollar vc founded in 1979 called Think3 with corporate domain being registered in 1997. So, if Think3 can attract billion dollars in its fund, it should also work for many startups.

(2018.2.12) 最近在网上看了几则Nike广告,都是张扬个人精神,倡导年轻人独立的意识。广告里面,几乎没有出现Nike产品的形象,最后的画面使用黑色的背景和白色的Nike标志,下面只有一句话:NIKE.COM/JUSTDOIT。这是域名的POWER!

(2018.2.10) How can you sell a domain for the highest price possible? Answer: brand matching .com. Take the example of OFO does not look special. It's not a word. But, it was sold for about US$1 million last year while many 3-letter .com could be bought for less than $50k. Why such a big difference? Well, just happens to the .com matching the brand OFO, a bike-sharing startup in China.

(2018.2.10) What do you do if you register your company name first and then you find out later you cannot register the brand matching .com ? You can either try to buy the .com from its owner, or change your company name to a name whose .com you can register. That's exactly what I did. My (small) company name was Weston Limited but is owned by a large American corporation. So there's no way I could get it. Instead, I searched, found, and registered Then, I changed my company name to Coreile Limited.

(2018.2.9) To be a global company, your corporate domain must be a brand matching .com. Case in point: China's Alibaba recently acquired Israeli startup Visualead which excels in computer vision technology. Alibaba's corporate domain is and Visuallead is

(2018.2.9) 三声母域名一般价格大约6位数,比如最近拍卖的,成交价格是50万元。该域名有“早教网、足迹网、专家网”等等含义。

(2018.2.8) French are proud of their language and culture, but this payment service startup in France has chosen to use an English name with non-French domain extension: ProcessOut and This company has just raised $1 million, so it's a force to be reckoned. I see naming strategy as a global trend.

(2018.2.8) Avoid use of symbol in name. China-based accelerator COMB+ announced $77m fund to help AI startups enter China. Corporate domain is, which requires extra effort to guess.

(2018.2.7) Domains are real assets. sold --> Microsoft many years ago --> Salesforce --> startup Do Meetings --> investor recently when startup acquired by Amazon

(2018.2.7) India-based media startup Graphic India uses matching domain Minimum effort to remember its address in virtual world.

(2018.2.6) Find the domain, then fix the brand. Here, I want to show you how to create a global brand and .com name for about $10. Read

(2018.2.6) “先找域名,再定品牌”。今天我要介绍一个简单方法,只花大概50块左右,就能注册一个可以作为国际品牌的.com域名。《如何以50元创造一个有国际品牌的.com域名》

(2018.2.5) The trend is Case: bitFlyer is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of total volume. It's actually Japan-based and uses brand matching

(2018.2.5) Donald Trump tweeted about British PM Theresa May, but tweet was wrongly sent to @theresamay not @Theresa_May (PM). Same risk with domains.

(2018.2.3) Everyone is capitalizing on the bitcoin fever! Even Nasdaq's iced tea maker Long Island Iced Tea Corp changed its name to Long Blockchain and started investing in blockchain companies. Not sure how its business strategy will pan out, but the company is good at least in one thing: using brand matching domains and

(2018.2.3) Even IBM made this mistake by forgetting to renew,, and domains, so they became inaccessible.

(2018.2.2) If is too expensive, try -- which is actually the home for an app that lets you store, sort, and share data.

(2018.2.2) 法国服装电商公司Modz,官网域名启用。想推动全球布局吧,但是又不想花太多钱收购。使用不当方法,希望以UDRP仲裁拿下。结果,投诉者反而被判反向劫持域名。太不光荣!

(2018.2.1) Korean concert organizer My Music Taste is ready to become a global player with their corporate domain naming strategy.

(2018.2.1) Upgrade is the name of the game. Rising mattress star Purple Mattress recently upgraded from to great name Purple.

(2018.1.31) Security unicorn startup Duo Security in USA not only has as corporate domain but also owns All bases covered!

(2018.1.31) 优步竞争对手mytaxi创立在德国,仅仅3年业务就扩展到欧洲不同国家以及美国。该初创企业官网使用非常简单易域名。所以说:英文 + .com = 全球策略

(2018.1.30) If is not possible, try That's probably what university preparation startup in UK did, with their brand now being called BridgeU.

(2018.1.30) 好的域名,越来越昂贵。最近,域名投资大王Rick Schwartz将拥有多年的 (房地产)卖给终端企业,交易条件包括换取该公司10%的股份。要收购极品域名,真的不容易啊!

(2018.1.29) Domains are real assets. Don't steal. Pay up. A Spanish firm tried UDRP to grab American owner sued and was given $40,000 in settlement.

(2018.1.29) 中国企业喜欢使用两个字的品牌,因此,双拼域名非常受欢迎,价格不便宜,一般价钱在6位数。近日,一枚双拼域名推特)拍出19.8万元。这个域名,简单容易记忆,而且英文发音没问题,可以布局全球。

(2018.1.27) Domains are vital. They give your identity and a clear message. Recently acquired will enable Jack Ma to realize his vision of Electronic World Trade Platform.

(2018.1.27) 据近日报道,全球域名注册量为3.3亿,其中.com最多,达1.3亿,.cn注册量则是2140万。可以说,.com最受全球企业欢迎,已经成为国际域名主流后缀。

(2018.1.26) English and .com are global. That's probably why this recruitment startup in France uses the brand HireSweet and matching

(2018.1.26) 印度一家初创企业,雄心勃勃,一开始就要将茶叶卖到全世界,在2013年投资3万美金收购,并以此为国际品牌。目前业务已经扩建到新加坡,也多次获得投资资金。所以说,世界品牌,从良好.com域名开始。

(2018.1.25) Numeric names are generally hard to remember, so 21 Inc (corporate domain recently rebranded simply as

(2018.1.25) 使用其他国家的后缀域名时候有风险!.ag是安提瓜和巴布达(Antigua and Barbuda)的国家后缀。海外一位域名投资者,在2010年注册了一个字母的b.ag域名,有“袋”的含义,今年注册局突然将b.ag域名收回去了,结果投资者损失了金钱和时间。

(2018.1.24) Luxury handbag marketplace Rebagg is now Rebag, and corporate domain also changed from to Great rebranding! Less consumer confusion.

(2018.1.24) 近日,三数字域名380.com以323,000美元(约合人民币2百万元)给国人收购了。380谐音“鲜花恋、想伴你、想帮你、想抱你”等等,应用范围广泛,但是作为国际品牌却有一点问题,因为数字在英文方面没有意思。

(2018.1.23) I often see startups reported on Techcrunch using strategy. Today's example is Germany-based travel platform GetYourGuide using

(2018.1.23) 具有独特风格的台湾网络媒体初创公司The News Lens今年获得百万美元投资, 官网域名使用。域名对应品牌,简单易记,有国际性。

(2018.1.22) Domain thieves tried to steal from Apple by abusing UDRP legal proceeding. No way they can grab it from Apple. So, watch your domains carefully.

(2018.1.22) 好的域名策略!德国初创公司Joblift提供职业介绍服务,业务已经扩展到英国,法国以及荷兰。该公司使用英文+.com战略,拥有,也使用、、、Joblift.nl等国家后缀。

(2018.1.20) Former Hulu exec Noah Heller recently started VC firm 3Rodeo. Matching was registered in April this year. You can still register brand matching .com today!

(2018.1.20) 长期的来说,我是看好中文域名的。比如,上海多利集团业务广泛,包括汽车、酒店、生态养殖、旅游等等,但是官网域名SHDLgroup.com却不容易记忆。最近,该集团使用中文域名“多利.集团”跳转到。中文域名容易记,可惜中文后缀的认知度还是很低。

(2018.1.19) Indian healthcare startup Portea Medical got it! Corporate domain is not but because they are commonly known as "Portea".

(2018.1.19) 高银金融集团(Goldin Financial)旗下拥有多家上市公司,但是没有拿下,官网只是使用比较长的。近日,该公司说已经将域名升级到。等一等,.fi是芬兰的国家后缀,怎么可以说是域名升级呢?

(2018.1.18) Is a good domain? Yes, because it matches the name of investing company 13D which is also the form to submit to SEC on company ownership.

(2018.1.18) 瑞典金融初创企业iZettle近日获得4700万美金投资。官网启用对应品牌的。i表示互联网,Zettle发音类似Settle,有“解决付款”的含义,非常配合品牌。

(2018.1.17) When entering Chinese market, you need Chinese brand and matching .com and .cn. Amazon's Chinese brand is Yamaxun (亚马逊) and uses and

(2018.1.17) 德国初创企业FreightHub提供物流服务,近日获2000万美金投资。官网启用。注意:域名不使用德文,也不使用德国后缀.de。所以说,英文+.com是世界主流。

(2018.1.16) Why did mattress startup Purple recently upgrade from to expensive To make it easier for consumers to remember their address!

(2018.1.16) 今年年初,美国通信公司Verizon以18亿美金收购了网络公司XO,其名下的官网域名XO.com也转移到了Verizon的名下。这也可能是极品域名将来趋势:要收购极品域名,必须收购拥有该域名的公司。

(2018.1.15) App firms don't need good domains? See new French ride-sharing service startup Less at, founded by unicorn entrepreneur Jean-Baptiste Rudelle.

(2018.1.15) 单字母.com域名全球只有3个(、X.com和,其他都被注册局保留起来。特斯拉CEO马斯克今年收购其中的,价格没有公布,据说高达约人民币5千万元。早期Z.com的交易价格约人民币4600万元。

(2018.1.14) 前几天和域名投资人@Sheldon Corey交谈,也看了一下他拥有的域名,发现其中有一个4字母域名,让我想想4字母.com的重要性。在国内,2/3字母.com是高端域名,价钱昂贵。但是,4字母.com一般价格大概人民币几万元而已,对初创企业来说比较容易收购,比如去年链链金融就以6.9万元收购了对应品牌的。回头来看XYHQ.com这个域名,含义丰富,对应的国内企业也很多,像信阳宏桥,信阳红旗,信阳环球,咸阳华侨,咸阳宏庆等等。资金不多的初创企业,可以考虑使用4字母域名。

(2018.1.13) This deodorant is called Native, but you can't find it on Instead, you have to remember it by heart that the domain is

(2018.1.13) 森马集团的童装品牌“巴拉巴拉”近日将官网域名从升级到Balabala.com国际品牌域名。Balabala.com是好域名,简单易记,对应品牌,既是拼音,而且英文发音非常容易,有国际性,类似Alibaba。

(2018.1.12) 7 out of 15 startups participating in Techcrunch's Startup Battlefield Australia use .com and 5 of them match their brands. Brand matching .com still leads.

(2018.1.12) 从新域名注册推测企业竞争对手动态。近日,亚马逊注册了、、AmazonOpenTube.com等等多个与Tube有关的域名。推测可能要和谷歌对抗,打造另一个YouTube?

(2018.1.11) Consumers prefer short names. Goldman Sachs owns not only but also because it is also called "Goldman" by many.

(2018.1.11) 美国Menlo Security提供网络安全服务,刚刚获得4000万美元投资,官网域名虽然是对应品牌的,问题是一般人以Menlo为他们的品牌,因此,他们必须拿下

(2018.1.10) Yes, you can start your domain name with the "go" prefix, as long as it matches its brand. USA mesh network provider goTenna resides on

(2018.1.10) 万豪酒店以巨额收购喜达屋酒店,也顺便获得喜达屋所拥有的极品域名。LC.com对应喜达屋旗下酒店品牌Luxury Collection。LC含义丰富,如乐彩、理财、蓝筹、链菜、雷晨等等。

(2018.1.9) eShares is now Carta after $67m funding because "We are changing our name because we do not own A complete rebrand is required to avoid confusion and security risks in the future."

(2018.1.9) 上市公司百事通是一个法律信息服务平台,承载了全国10%的法律咨询数量,官网启用。近日该公司投资8万人民币收购Bestone.com用于域名升级。Bestone.com这域名很有趣,可以看为be-s-tone类似品牌“百事通”,Best One形容他们的服务太好了!更重要,Bestone英文发音容易,简单好记,有国际性。

(2018.1.8) PowerWatch from Matrix promises never have to charge your smartwatch. Where can you find the product? of course! Brand matching domain

(2018.1.8) 近日,脸谱联合创始人之一Eduardo Saverin投资印度初创公司Mswipe,显示该公司潜力很大。Mswipe提供独立销售终端(POS),服务印度中小企业。官网启用,对应品牌,短小易忆,世界通用。

(2018.1.5) Malaysian home service startup Kaodim was founded in 2014 and recently received $7m investment. Corporate domain is brand-matching

(2018.1.5) 最近,台州一位女士参加了一场所谓域名投资宣讲会,负责人强调域名注册先到先得,抢注良好域名,就能获得巨利。该女士花了5万多元注册了6个域名。回家后觉得不太对劲,第二天立刻联系该家公司,但是已经人去楼空。域名投资需要高度知识,需谨慎辨别。

(2018.1.3) Apple bought New Zealand-based wireless charging startup PowerbyProxi at A bit long but brand matching .com nevertheless.

(2018.1.3) 如何让你的顾客一定记得你的网址?以域名作为品牌。京东的英文品牌就是,所以它的网站很容易记。

(2017.12.30) VC firm CapHorn Invest just raised new $150m fund. It's French but domain is English + .com + brand matching! will even be better.

(2017.12.30) 太坊平台上的猫搜集与繁殖游戏CryptoKitties,上线不到一周即创下190万美元的交易额,真厉害!可惜的是,CryptoKitties的官网域名是 (哥伦比亚国家后缀),注册于今年9月。CryptoKitties.com在今年8月给别人注册了,只差了一个月而已!所以,决定品牌之时必须同时注册对应品牌的.com域名。

(2017.12.29) Evolution: -> -> It's now very valuable as an address of a virtual store: 24/7, unlimited space, global shoppers

(2017.12.29) 西班牙空调品牌Airzone,使用国家后缀域名。该公司不想付昂贵价格收购,却试图利用法律方法,结果被叛反向劫持域名,处罚金40,000美元。Please Pay!

(2017.12.28) IBM services on stopped for 24 hours because someone forgot to renew the domain. Set your domains to auto-renew every year!

(2017.12.28) 两字母域名DO.COM属于极品,价格昂贵,据报道,该域名近日以数百万美元易主。DO是英语中非常通用的动词,有“做、干、进行、从事”等等含义,用途广泛。

(2017.12.27) Domain hacks may be cool, but they can affect or even disrupt your business. Just ask owners of and Stay safe with mainstream extension .com.

(2017.12.27) 真的不了解,现在国内大部分网民都使用手机上网,为什么还须要使用“.手机”域名后缀?

(2017.12.26) In the virtual world (internet), you can easily visit a shop anywhere in the word if you remember its address (domain). Use a .com which matches your brand.

(2017.12.26) 英文单字.com真不便宜!最近,英文域名Spend.com在海外以27.5万美金拍卖了。Spend有“用钱、花钱、花费、消耗”等等含义。

(2017.12.25) .com registry Verisign has a new marketing campaign themed "With a .COM, you can beCOMe anything you want." Very playful! Just need to add: anything GLOBAL!

(2017.12.25) 我最喜歡英文發音好的双拼域名,既符合国内消费者的记忆输写习惯,也可以推动全球布局。近日以3万元結拍的彼方.com就是一個例子。Bifan有“彼方、币返、必帆”等等衆多含义,英文發音非常容易。

(2017.12.23) Swedish lock giant Assa Abloy acquired USA smart lock maker August Home. Smart in domains too: and

(2017.12.23) 以色列管理公司Dapulse,使用完全对应官網域名的,近日却收购价格不菲的Monday.com作域名升级。为什么?该公司CEO说:我们需要一个易于拼写,容易发音,易于记忆的名字。

(2017.12.22) Power pack maker Romeo Power is known as "Romeo" but domain is Would it be better were it called Power Romeo with domain

(2017.12.22) 短数字.com非常昂贵,近日80.com以千万元人民币成交。80谐音“伴你、抱你、百灵”等等。

(2017.12.21) Israel-based social banking startup PayKey just raised $10m Series B funding. Corporate domain is No memory challenge for consumers

(2017.12.21) 办公室自助便利店果小美刚刚完成C轮融资,获得投资累计超过5亿人民币。官网启用,也保护了。拥有品牌域名,非常好。能够的话,应该拿下

(2017.12.20) What does it mean when Jack Ma says things in the future will be "Made in Internet"? Domains, the foundation of the Internet, will become the center stage.

(2017.12.20) 短域名有很大优点。最近苏宁成立汽车公司,使用域名,长了一定吧!如果京东来办的话,只用JDqiche.com就可以啦。

(2017.12.19) Heritage Auctions recently acquired I think it's better than current which requires extra step to translate and remember.

(2017.12.19) 台湾初创公司“活动行”是一个活动报名与售票平台。2009年,该公司进军大陆市场,但是很快就发现企业发展步履维艰,经过许多探讨,终于找到问题所在:消费者不容易记忆该公司的英文域名。他们决定使用对应品牌的拼音域名,这域名立刻为大众所熟知,事业也步步高升。

(2017.12.18) There are expensive and cheap addresses in the real world. Domain are addresses in the virtual world as it is also called URL (Uniform Resource Locator=address).

(2017.12.18) 达·芬奇《救世主》(Salvator Mundi),近日在拍卖会上以4亿美元成交,成为史上最昂贵艺术品。单单佣金12.5%就要加5000万美元!有趣的是1958年它在一场拍卖中以60美元卖出。当时这幅画被认为是达·芬奇的学生的作品。直到2011年,这幅画作经过鉴定,才确认是达·芬奇真迹。这让我想起,.com优质域名,稀少珍贵,将来价格一定非常昂贵!

(2017.12.16) Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak may have a problem. His new tech education platform is Woz U but his site is not Why pick

(2017.12.16) 一家法国初创公司想成为欧洲最大P2P模式的租车企业,已经获得投资美金3500万投资,业务已经扩展到德国、西班牙、奥地利、比利时,今年更计划进军英国。该公司创始人真的有远见,虽然是法国公司,却使用类似英文的品牌(Drivy)和对应的

(2017.12.15) Indian ecommerce startup Meesho received $3m funding. It help women resell items on social media. Corporate domain is and looks global.

(2017.12.15) .shop新后缀的注册局是一家日本公司,但是.shop的官网Get.shop却只有英文和中文内容,可知日本企业和投资家对域名多么没有兴趣。在域名使用方面,日本远远落后于美国和中国。

(2017.12.14) In the virtual world, any difference between Microsoft and this African software startup? They appear to belong to the same big boy club -- with and

(2017.12.14) 以前用过的域名,网站关了还能用?域名和网站的关系,就好像土地和房子的关系,如果房子给烧了,土地还可以用来再建一个更好的房子。所以,虽然网站没有了,域名还可以保留起来。

(2017.12.13) What is brand matching? Singapore-based VC Vertex Ventures is known as "Vertex", so their needs to be

(2017.12.13) 荷兰初创公司Withlocals提供个人旅行服务,近日获得美金420万A轮投资。官网启用。英文名字+.com后缀是国际品牌的主流。

(2017.12.12) Airbnb's rival in China Tujia is ready for the global markets. Tujia just raised $300m and owns a .com name matching its brand -- Arguably, it's also pronounceable.

(2017.12.12) 对,域名是无形资产,可以用来抵押借钱。一些域名交易平台,比如48域交中心(,以域名作为质押物,提供微融资。借款人自由设定授信金额、贷款周期与利率。

(2017.12.11) Danish software firm NTI started with but wanted for global market. They tried UDRP legal approach but failed to grab What next?

(2017.12.11) 今年7月,专门提供4声母.com域名交易服务的玉葡萄交易网站YPT.com正式上线,在首页了有最新的成交价格。如果你拥有4拼域名,准备升级到4声母.com域名的话,可以参考该价格信息,决定预算。

(2017.12.9) Writing on the wall! 墙上之语?

(2017.12.9) for $10k or for $10? Which would you choose? They chose the more lively and became India's food delivery giant.

(2017.12.9) 好域名:对应品牌,简短易记,不容易拼错(si/shi、yin/ying等等),拥有国际主流后缀.com,保护国内主流后辍.cn

(2017.12.8) .com flies. Here's the proof! 看,.com已经起飞了!

(2017.12.8) Entrepreneur Sol Orwell buys expensive domains such as and, and thinks domains are like real estate. Their values hold.

(2017.12.8) 中文域名应该怎样写?比如清华大学的网址可以写为“清华大学。网址”或“清华大学.网址”都可以。在这里,清华大学的中文网址跳转到他们的官网。我觉得中文域名应该短小精悍,双拼最好吧?

(2017.12.7) Learn from Amazon and register domain names for new products too.,,, etc.

(2017.12.7) 今年7月,中国税务局正式将域名列入无形资产,增值税率是6%,对于企业有何意义?以后域名就可以作为企业无形资产,以其作抵押向银行贷款。如果域名被盗或域名诉讼发生,交税记录也可以在法庭上证明域名的所有权。

(2017.12.6) Namepros blogger James Iles analyzed some 6,000 companies listed on Crunchbase and found 77% of them use .com, which is already the global standard.

(2017.12.6) 如何让你的顾客一定记得你的网址?以域名作为公司名称。美国纳斯达克上市互联网服务商 Group,Inc.的品牌就是,所以它的网站很容易记。

(2017.12.5) Netherlands-based modular smartphone designer Fairphone just took in $7.7m funding. Corporate domain is English + .com.

(2017.12.5) 国际企业官网首选域名特点,10个字母以下,对应品牌,含义好,英文发音容易。

(2017.12.4) Japanese TSE-listed news app Gunosy recently invested in Singapore-based AdAsia. Both corporate domains use .com. .com means global and big.

(2017.12.4) 充充是一个共享充电平台,近日获得5亿人民币A轮投资。官网启用,应该考虑升级到品牌域名Chongchong.com甚至,符合国内消费者的记忆输写习惯,利于品牌的推广和宣传,推动全球布局。

(2017.12.2) South African media giant Naspers recently upped its stake in German food-delivery giant Delivery Hero. Both use brand matching and

(2017.12.2) 三诺集团提供智能家居服务,在域名方面也下了不少功夫,除了主流后缀3nod.cn和3nod.com以外,也拿下甚至中文域名“三诺.集团”。可惜的是,他们好像没有保护拼音域名Sannuo.com和。美中不足!

(2017.12.1) If startup AllBright in collective funding is known as Allbright, then why should its corporate domain be but not

(2017.12.1) 根据《中国域名产业发展报告》显示,2015年中国域名市场只有20亿元,规模还是很小。但是,随着互联网普及,上网购物消费者增加,在虚拟经济世界里面的“地产”(域名)价值一定会上升。所以企业必须尽快保护自己的品牌域名。

(2017.11.30) XO Group is big. Some 25m couples have used their service to plan their weddings. Its corporate domain is: NO, NO.!

(2017.11.30) TechCrunch在10月11日在非洲举行Startup Battlefield Africa初创企业比赛,参加公司有15家。我统计了一下,其中一半以上、8家使用.com (里面6家完全对应品牌)。结论是:必须使用对应品牌的.com域名。

(2017.11.29) VR+AI =giant digital store for 24/7 shopping by global audience. Chatbot staff know each customer and speak their language. Key is a short, easy-to-remember address (.com).

(2017.11.29) 谁说成功的app公司不需要好的域名?软件开发商Tile以失物招领App出名,官网使用非常普通的域名。最近,该公司花了七位数美金,收购并且升级到。

(2017.11.28) French love .com too. Startup Heetch provides ridesharing services in France, and its corporate domain is Consumers are global not nationalistic.

(2017.11.28) 域名不单是用来建立官网,也可以作为发布个人信息之类的工具。福布斯全球富豪榜第88位的Ray Dalio,最近出版了一本书《Principles》,为了这本书,他竟然收购了精品域名。收购价格没有公布,猜想并不便宜。

(2017.11.27) Singaporean ecommerce startup Garena recently rebranded to Sea to ready IPO in USA. Corporate domain changed from to Who has

(2017.11.27) 每人店是一个零售服务平台,官网启用,域名并不完全对应品牌。能够的话,可以考虑升级到品牌域名甚至,符合国内消费者的记忆输写习惯。

(2017.11.25) How about mixing French with English? Paris-based Le Collectionist is expanding its luxury travel platform to 100 offices globally. Of course it's!

(2017.11.25) 有房喔利用AR新科技提供地产服务,官网启用。能够的话,可以考虑升级到品牌域名Youfango.com甚至。

(2017.11.24) Want to be in .com club but can't spend much? See German fitness startup 8fit using as corporate domain. Note that English word is used.

(2017.11.24) 梦之宿是一个共享住宿平台,今年5月才成立。官网启用,.me是国家后缀,消费者不熟悉。我建议考虑使用Mengzhisu.com或。

(2017.11.23) UK-based Picfair is a marketplace for buying/selling photos. Corporate domain is Two-word .com is an affordable way to get into .com club.

(2017.11.23) 小麦铺经营便利店,近日获得 3 亿元投资。官网启用。能够的话,可以考虑升级到品牌域名Xiaomaipu.com甚至,符合国内消费者的记忆输写习惯,利于品牌的推广和宣传。

(2017.11.22) iZettle is Swedish but its signals global vision. Rounds of funding allow it to compete with the like of Square and PayPal. Money has no border!

(2017.11.22) 微舍公寓是一个合租平台,租客大部分是90后的上班族。官网启用。太长的英文名字,不容易记忆。能够的话,可以考虑升级到品牌域名Weishe.com或,符合国内消费者的记忆输写习惯。

(2017.11.21) Bitcoin startup Luno is Singapore based but prefers to use .com not .sg to expand to South Africa, UK, and more in Europe. is global not

(2017.11.21) 次元纪是一个动漫电商平台,近日获得投资。官网启用。拼音不对啊,而且.cc是国家后缀,并不是主流后缀。能够的话,可以考虑升级到品牌域名Ciyuanji.com甚至。

(2017.11.20) Germany-based startup Lovoo's dating app is popular in Germany + 5 other European countries. Its corporate domain is English-like and .com

(2017.11.20) 除了使用国际后缀.com作为官网以外,相关后缀也有它们的用处。区块链有名企业Blockchain公司的官网域名是,同时也使用.info后缀,以Blockchain.info发布关于区块链的信息,所以在这里.info后缀十分恰当。

(2017.11.18) Irish ​​startup​ Pointy helps ​local​ ​retailers to be discovered in search engines. It has raised $6m Series A funding. It's corporate domain is Short and global!

(2017.11.18) 杭州一家网商发起“域名银行”服务,域名持有人只要将他们没有使用的域名存入这个域名银行一年,就可以获得相应的回报。域名银行则通过停放广告和出租域名等获得收益。

(2017.11.17) UK-based dog sitting marketplace DogBuddy was founded in 2013 but already serves UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden and Norway. enables it to go global.

(2017.11.17) Facebook每年举行F8全球开发者会议,大会官网域名一直使用。最近,该公司收购直接对应会议名称的F8.com域名作为官网,方便访问者,FBF8.com则跳转到。

(2017.11.16) .com makes you look global. India-based rising startup Synup helps brands monitor their presence in social media. Its corporate domain is

(2017.11.16) 双字母.com属于极品域名,国内有名的企业用户,有京东(和乐视(。根据域名中介公司GGRG的2017年第3期《Liquid Domains Market Review》报告,中国占有双字母.com市场的18%。今后,一带一路全球计划,将会引至更多双字母.com等极品域名流进中国。

(2017.11.15) India-based GlowRoad provides a bright path for women to build home businesses on their ecommerce platform. GlowRoad's corporate domain is Very appropriate!

(2017.11.15) 澳大利亚孵化器StartMate宣布新一批11家初创公司,为它们提供辅导和创业投资。我分析了他们使用的域名,结果是:com (7), org (2), xyz (1), Twitter (1)。也就是说,64%使用.com,而且域名对应品牌(7家里面有6家)。

(2017.11.14) Chinese startup Tuputech protects more than 300m consumers by filtering out porn and violent images. It's corporate domain is -- brand matching .com!

(2017.11.14) 茅台云商是贵州茅台集团子公司,近日正式全面上线,官网使用的竟是cmaotai.com这个域名。升级到MTYS.com吧。

(2017.11.13) was registered in 1991 but recently lost in UDRP proceeding to Starr International. Lesson? Be prepared to defend yourself at UDRP.more

(2017.11.13) 猪八戒是国内领先的工程师众包平台,曾经将官网从ZhuBaJie.com升级的。近日,该公司又投资大概中六位数,收购了,可能准备建立联合办公平台。所以说,域名是企业的战略性资产。

(2017.11.10) Netherlands-based MessageBird provides cloud communication services. It prefers English name and global extension: Brand-matching!

(2017.11.10) 新旅界是一个平台,近日获得数百万元人民币Pre-A轮投资。官网启用,能够的话,可以考虑升级到品牌域名。

(2017.11.8) Protect your domain name! Sorenson forgot to renew its, causing website shutdown and $2.7m fine by US gov't for inability to provide emergency services.

(2017.11.8) 美国大型健身俱乐部Life Time Fitness 官网一直使用,域名虽然长了一点,还是对应品牌,所以也不难记忆。最近,该公司将官网改为 LifeTime.Life,看起来域名好像短了很多,但是反而不对应品牌,而且.Life是新的后缀,一般消费者可能并不熟悉。

(2017.11.7) Educational startup OpenClassrooms and IT firm Capgemini have something in common: France-based, English brands, .com:,

(2017.11.7) 咔哒故事是一个儿童教育平台,虽然已经拥有对应品牌而且只有9个字母的Kadagushi.com域名,官网却启用并不相关的,真是百思不得其解!

(2017.11.6) Want to use .com but have no money? Add suffix. USA-based real estate startup just uses to match company name Home61.

(2017.11.6) 印度即时通讯公司Hike使用官网域名,在国内发展非常快,为了拓展国际市场,不惜利用UDRP仲裁去抢夺。失败了!所以,一开始就应该保护对应品牌的.com域名。

(2017.11.4) USA online lender Earnest is a startup. Its choice of brand with matching corporate domain is outstanding: Earnest and

(2017.11.4) 职行力是一个平台,近日获得投资。官网启用,并不对应品牌,可考虑品牌域名、、ZXL.in等等,拓展全球市场。Zhixingli.com在国内非常恰当,但是英文发音困难,不适合国外市场。

(2017.11.3) UK insurance giant Aviva invests in Welsh investment startup Weathify, large vs small but same thinking in .com with and

(2017.11.3) 衣二三是一个平台,近日获得5000万美元C轮投资。官网启用。能够的话,可以考虑升级到品牌域名。

(2017.11.2) USA-based Varsity Tutors acquired UK-based First Tutors within edtech circle. Both prefer .com: and Brand matching!

(2017.11.2) 旅途点点是一个火车出行平台,近日获得2000万元战略投资。官网启用,虽然对应品牌,但是长了一定吧,LTDD.com比较短,可以考虑使用。

(2017.11.1) Love the name "platform" and .com but can't acquire What can you do? Add a number. That's what cloud startup Platform9 did with

(2017.11.1) 美业观察提供行业分析,近日获得1500万元A轮投资。官网启用,域名太差了,可以考虑升级到品牌域名Meiye.com或。

(2017.10.31) Fintech Startup Stockpile provides brokerage services from its corporate domain Easy to remember, and brand matching!

(2017.10.31) 微步在线提供威胁情报服务,近日获得1.2亿元的B轮投资。官网启用。如果能够统一使用Weibu.com和,对消费者来说就比较容易记,而且Weibu英文发音可以,在国外使用没有问题。

(2017.10.28) Don't fight consumer habit. Germany-based Flinc is good at p2p carpooling, but not good at choosing extension with its .org is for non-profit organization!

(2017.10.28) 款多多以大数据分析珠宝潮流趋势,服务珠宝商,近日获得7000万B+轮投资。官网启用,并不完全对应品牌,能够的话,可以考虑升级到品牌域名Kuanduoduo.com甚至,符合国内消费者的记忆输写习惯,利于品牌的推广和宣传,推动全球布局。

(2017.10.27) Yuri Milner names top five consumer internet companies as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Alibaba and Tencent. What do they have in common? Brand matching .com! If you know their brand, you also know their address on the internet. How convenient!

(2017.10.27) 企业必须拥有对应品牌的.com域名。荷兰软件公司J.D.M. Software官网使用,业务扩大,要走出荷兰,服务全球,却没有拥有.com,怎么办?收购吧。JDM.com叫价50万美元。J.D.M.选择使用UDRP仲裁,希望以很低成本,拿到该域名。结果失败了。JDM.com持有人一定很怒,将来如何能够收购JDM.com呢?

(2017.10.26) Like many global startups around the world, Chilean car insurance startup ComparaOnline prefers English name with matching .com:

(2017.10.26) “69空间”提供无人店服务,让消费者自主选择、保护隐私。这是个新的消费体验场景,建立了线下门店和线上APP均盈利的商业模型。官网启用。好像翻译不对?应该是69space.cn吧。其他可以使用的域名,有、69KJ.com等等。

(2017.10.25) Google launched Tez service for mobile phone users in India to send money etc. from their bank accounts. Domain is but should be considered.

(2017.10.25) 蜻蜓FM是一个网络音频平台,近日获得10亿的巨额投资,官网启用。要注意,.fm是位于西太平洋、人口只有11万的密克罗尼西亚联邦的国家后缀,一旦政治或经济动荡,域名可能不能使用。还是Qingting.com甚至QT.com比较好吧。

(2017.10.24) China-based insurance startup ZhongAn was IPOed in Hong Kong recently. Its corporate domain is brand-matching but name is not easy to pronounce.

(2017.10.24) 域名可以告诉你其他企业的策略。去年京东悄然收购域名黑珑)。据报道,京东计划利用黑珑科技公司(BlackDragon)广告技术能力,结合京东的大数据资源,协助全球知名奢侈品电商Farfetch进入中国市场。那我们会问:京东要收购黑珑科技吗?不然,为什么京东要悄然收购

(2017.10.23) French video streaming startup Streamroot uses as corporate domain. Two common English words. Upgrade to will be expensive.

(2017.10.23) 国内投资人最近从海外收购了极品域名,交易价格没有公开。Miss是英文单词,有“小姐、女士、想念、错过”等含义,又短又简单、全世界通用,将来一定价值昂贵。投资人真有眼光!

(2017.10.21) London-based incubator Entrepreneur First recently held Demo Day for its batch of 14 startups. Domain extensions by them are: .com (7), .ai (2), .uk (2), and then one in each of .tech, .ke, and .co. Five out of seven or 71% of .com domain names match their brands. So, startups still prefer .com and brand matching is a must.

(2017.10.21) 知名女藝人徐熙媛(藝名大S)的老公也是中国青年企业家的汪小菲,拥有一家名叫S Hotel的酒店(爱妻?)。最近收购,建成该酒店的官网。域名虽然普通,但是对应品牌,容易记!

(2017.10.20) Secure your brand matching .com at the very beginning. Germany-based PCO AG is using UDRP legal proceeding to try to grab as their is too local.

(2017.10.20) “千山素集”利用水培技术制造“植物墙”,使用于公共或者是家庭空间,绿化环境。官网启用,太长了,能够的话,可以考虑升级到品牌域名QSSJ.com或是。

(2017.10.19) Domain name being standardized on just ONE dot. More country extensions following trend: .uk, .au, .nz. Latest is Malta on .mt. Good for consumers!

(2017.10.19) “极伽时光”经营无人咖啡零售店、搭上咖啡市场在中国的高速成长快车。官网启用,不对应品牌呀!能够的话,可以考虑升级到品牌域名Jijia.com或。

(2017.10.18) We like to shorten names, but is a good choice as it's unlikely consumers would drop "Karma" and remember this fintech startup as "Credit".

(2017.10.18) “同天下”提供旅行社工作全流程软件。官网启用,真的不了解这个域名和品牌的关系。Tongtianxia.com或TTX.com就比较直接对应品牌吧。

(2017.10.17) Companies will eventually move from free accommodation (Facebook, Wechat, etc) to their own home . So, every company needs a domain name.

(2017.10.17) 忒逗是一家潮流玩具企业,在国内已经拥有 12 家店铺,近日获得数百万天使轮投资,官网启用。太长了,也不容易记。Teidou.com比较理想。

(2017.10.14) inDriver is located in Siberia, Russia but already expanding to India, USA and Canada. Its corporate domain is English + .com + branded.

(2017.10.14) 近日,全球号免税店全面升级,采用新标志和新域名。目前的官网域名是,并不完全对应品牌。新的域名竟然是,这是升级吗?看来他们的业务已经从全球缩小到香港啦!

(2017.10.13) Best domain strategy is Reason? Consumers! Example: Top ridesharing startup BlaBlaCar is French but prefers

(2017.10.13) 东鹏瓷砖准备在国内上市,但是该公司的域名有趣。东鹏拥有对应品牌的,以及。.net后缀在国内并不太流行,却是东鹏的主力网站,用百度反而看不到。东鹏应该跟随潮流,以.com为官网。

(2017.10.12) Upcoming startup founder Adam Braun registered in 2015 and called his student training company MissionU. Big dream, small cost, the .com club!

(2017.10.12) 好的域名就好像是房地产,是企业的资产,将来可以出售。广东电信在1996年使用Yinsha.com开了“碧海银沙网”,近日该网站已经停止运营。这个域名只有6个字母,是双拼,有很多含义,比如“银沙、银厦、影纱”等等,是中国企业青睐的品种,价格大概要六、七位数。

(2017.10.11) Zilingo was founded only 2 years ago in Singapore but is already in 8 countries, thanks to its global domain name and US$ 28m in of funding.

(2017.10.11) 金客拉是一个金融平台,近日获得数百万元Pre-A投资。官网启用,13个字母,两个英文单词的组合,长了一点吧?能够的话,可以考虑升级到品牌域名Jinkela.com甚至。Jinkela.com英文拼音没有问题,作为国际品牌域名,非常合适。

(2017.10.10) Is future of city extensions bright? Browsed through more than 20 pages of .nyc Google search result but found no major brands such as MacDonald listed.

(2017.10.10) 全屋优品是一个家居零售平台,近日获得3000万元A轮投资。刚开始官网启用,去年升级到。下一步呢?Quanwu.com甚至QW.com吧。

(2017.10.9) Visionary CEOs should own .com for global market, country extension for country market, and relevant extensions such as .news for future expansion/marketing.

(2017.10.9) 马云最近说以前我们习惯了Made in China或者Made in USA,将来“中国制造”将转型成“Made in Internet”。好名称呀,赶快拿下MadeInInternet.com吧!真可惜呀,MadeInInternet.com在1999-12-29已经注册了。

(2017.10.7) Marriott announced in 2015 “A journey beyond .com” on site. Two years later, it's still the only .marriott site and it forwards to Where is .brand?

(2017.10.7) 根据《互联网周刊》报道,中国电子商务是第一个超越美国而稳居互联网世界第一的重要领域。阿里巴巴已经超过沃尔玛,成为全球最大的零售商。注意,世界品牌必定拥有对应品牌的.com域名。

(2017.10.6) 3D startup Candid makes great tooth aligners costing only 1/3 of traditional method, but corporate domain is not so good --

(2017.10.6) 小狗在家是一个以 Airbnb 的模式开展宠物寄养平台,官网启用,是英文单词VIP(贵宾)和Tail(尾巴)的组合,含义不错,可以在海外使用。但是因为并不对应品牌,对国内消费者来说比较难于记忆,因此可以考虑使用、、、XGZJ.cn等等。

(2017.10.5) Startup Carrot helps employers offer fertility care as a workplace benefit. What is Carrot's corporate domain? Looks cheap and difficult to remember.

(2017.10.5) 携程旅行最近收购了域名。BookTrip是英文单词Book (预定)和Trip(旅游)的组合,含义不错,适合搭建旅游相关平台,推动全球布局。这比使用一个英文发音困难的拼音域名好得多。

(2017.10.4) Belgium insurance firm N2COM badly wanted Since 2007, they've tried cease & desist letter, $5,000 offer, and UDRP. They were slapped with reverse domain name hijacking. Domains are expensive!

(2017.10.4) 中国企业喜欢双拼名字吧?常常看到的名字很多都是这一类的,比如百度(、京东(、微信(、淘宝(、飞猪(等等。

(2017.10.3) Israel-based StoreDot offers innovative method to quickly charge batteries. Its corporate domain is but not Risks of email leakage due to confusion!

(2017.10.3) 域名升级是企业成长中常常发生的事情。比如云服务厂商“七牛云”以前的官网域名启用,显然tek是多余的。该公司近日获得10亿人民币的投资,官网域名也升级到国际品牌域名。

(2017.10.2) India-based Network 18 (7500 employees) registered in 2007. Now they want to use UDRP legal proceeding to grab registered in 2008. Lack of foresight.

(2017.10.2) 688.com在2015年以958万元卖出,最近,又以八位数的价格转手了。688谐音“乐发发、路发发”。短数字.com域名一般价格昂贵,深为投资者喜爱,但是作为官网域名,有其缺点,走出国门就失去意思。

(2017.9.30) France-based fintech startup Linxo just raised $24 million in funding. Corporate domain is Simple, global, brand matching, and easy to pronounce. Fantastique!

(2017.9.30) 找油网是一个石油B2B电商平台,近日获得3180万美元B轮投资,官网启用。建议升级到品牌域名Zhaoyou.com甚至,符合国内消费者的记忆输写习惯,利于品牌的推广和宣传,推动全球布局。

(2017.9.29) UK-based food startup VizEat recently acquired USA-based competitor EatWith. The former resides on and the latter on Both brand matching!

(2017.9.29) 养车无忧是一个汽车后服务平台,近日获得千万元投资,官网启用。建议升级到品牌域名或。

(2017.9.28) Norway-based digital service provider Netlife Research recently spent $75k to upgrade from to Shorter! English! Brand matching!

(2017.9.28) iPIN提供人工智能服务,近日获得数千万元的B轮投资,官网启用,完全对应品牌。请注意,不少初创企业在国内只使用英文品牌,iPIN也是一个好的例子。英文品牌必须短小精悍,简单易记。

(2017.9.27) Long company name? No problem. Consulting firm West Monroe Partners operates on Recently it bought for $ 275k. Great upgrade!

(2017.9.27) 网金控股集团提供在线金融服务,已经获得红杉资本等投资。该公司的官网启用,但我看不出这域名和公司名称有什么关系。最近,该集团添加中文域名“网金控股.集团”。这个域名比官网域名容易记,如果能够升级到“网金.集团”将会更完美。

(2017.9.26) Indian hotel startup OYO just received $250m from SoftBank. Time to upgrade its corporate domain to No, is owned by large Japanese company. No foresight!

(2017.9.26) 虽然中文域名注册数量还是很少,但是一些企业也蛮积极使用,比如“百度.在线、宝马.在线、网易.在线、百度.中文网、宝马.中文网、网易.中文网”等等都已经建立网站。

(2017.9.25) Chinese hotel management firm China Lodging recently invested $10m in Indian hotel startup OYO. Unfortunately, China Lodging's corporate domain is not but

(2017.9.25) 领蛙提供办公室零食采购和配送服务,近日获得数千万元A 轮投资,官网启用。现在的潮流倾向一个点,.cn域名远远超过,所以应该考虑升级到品牌域名Lingwa.cn甚至。这个品牌英文发音可以,进军国际市场应该没有问题。

(2017.9.23) Fintech startup Bankin manages all your bank accounts from one single place. Its corporate site is It serves the French market for now, but allows it to go global anytime.

(2017.9.23) 域名升级,是初创企业必经之路。新加坡投资公司Monkey Ventures,专门投资于区块链技术方面的初创企业,官网域名启用。其实,.capital是新的后缀,晓得的人不多吧?近日,该公司花了约人民币330万元收购了域名,以作域名升级。

(2017.9.22) Three startups competing in office sharing arena:,, and Which one appears bigger and global? BTW, does not resolve and is parked.

(2017.9.22) 泰笛提供一站式洗涤服务,占有在线洗涤市场80%。官网启用,并不完全对应品牌,如果能够拿掉“24”就非常好。Tidy谐音“泰笛”,如果能够升级到Tidy.com就十分完美!可惜,Tidy.com已经建站,收购的可能性很低。,,, TD.cn等等都可以参考。

(2017.9.21) American agtech startup Blue River Technology was recently sold for $305m. What is its domain name? and too long! is owned by a CMS company.

(2017.9.21) 我常常说域名是企业的资产,这是真的。在今年7月1日国家税务局公布的营改增最新税率表里面,域名已经正式被国家纳入无形资产,在域名交易时,卖方需缴纳6%的增值税!这意味着域名已经成为合法资产。

(2017.9.20) Another creative name! Swedish startup Aifloo makes AI-based smart wristbands for the elderly. It operates on Esther Dyson is right. We are not running out of .com names. We only lack creativity.

(2017.9.20) 墨西哥一家名为Comercializadora de Lacteos Y Derivados的公司,拥有品牌Lala,目前使用域名。该公司敢于尝试利用UDRP仲裁,希望能够夺取苹果公司的音乐品牌域名。我看不太可能成功。所以说,名正才能言顺,一开始就要拿下对应品牌的.com!

(2017.9.19) Is it tax or taxi? Estonian car-sharing startup Taxify has expanded from eastern Europe to Africa and then now to UK. Yes it does not own, which is owned by accounting firm. Taxify operates on

(2017.9.19) 固生堂是一个中医服务平台,近日获得10.1亿元D轮投资,官网启用。域名难记!有那么多资金,可以考虑升级到品牌域名GST.cn甚至,符合国内消费者的记忆输写习惯,利于品牌的推广和宣传,推动全球布局。

(2017.9.18) French are known for protecting their language and culture, yet this French startup in data analysis uses English-like name on .com: That's the power of .com.

(2017.9.18) 据新闻报道,小米CEO雷军曾经说过:一个好的名字便是有商标、有域名,意义不错、朗朗上口。小米拥有不少精品域名,单单Mi.com这一个域名就花了2330万。所以,在域名方面应该多花一点时间去研究,挑选一个好的官网域名。

(2017.9.16) Be sure to renew your domain name! The Los Angeles Unified School District in USA forgot to pay the renewal fee for their and the website went down. Fortunately they renewed it, otherwise they could have lost this valuable domain name.

(2017.9.16) 互联网具有全球性,每一个初创企业都有机会在很短的时间成为世界一流品牌,所以决定域名时应该挑选有全球性的域名。对应品牌的.com域名是首选。

(2017.9.15) Zūm provides car-sharing for kids and its domain name is Prefix is No No! Better avoid use of accent in name too. A simple, meaningful, and easy-to-remember domain name will help consumers remember your shop address on the internet.

(2017.9.15) 美国著名创业孵化器 Y Combinator 刚刚举行了第25届毕业典礼,Techcrunch列举了其中50公司的官网域名。我统计了一下所使用的后缀 (36), .io (9), .gg (1), .email (1), .codes (1), .uk (1), .ca (1)。其中,.com占了72% (对应品牌 .com有20家)。结论:国际品牌域名是主流。

(2017.9.14) Not much money to buy domain name? Create a made-up name. For example, a small startup skilled in deep learning of machines picked DeepL for its name and uses for their corporate site. Smart!

(2017.9.14) 可爱学是一个儿童教育平台,官网启用。去年年底获得包括明星章子怡的投资以后,域名也升级到品牌域名Keaixue.com以及。这里可以看到的,使用品牌域名是多么重要!能够的话,可以更上一层楼,升级到KAX.com吧。

(2017.9.13) Do domain names have to be grammatically correct? Not really. USA-based sales tracking startup GetAccept operates their business on Sony's runaway success "Walkman" in the 80s is the earliest example I can recall.

(2017.9.13) 美国物联网初创企业 RnD64最近推出一款便携式吉他Jammy,娇小玲珑,伸缩式设计,长度可从 12.6 英寸拉伸至 19.6 英寸,不使用时可以放进背包中,十分方便。该公司使用的官网域名,对应品牌,注册于2015年,大概只花了少少的注册费用吧。这个域名蛮有创意:RnD 也就是R&D,有“研究与开发”的含义;64 指对研究格外有兴趣甚至迷恋的人。整个意思很配合RnD64的业务。这就是我常常说的:只要动脑筋,就可以以很少的费用,创造一个有意思的国际品牌域名。

(2017.9.12) American startup Via excels in carpooling services. Great popularity means expansion to Europe. Can you figure out its domain name? Unfortunately, is already owned by Indian travel booking company.

(2017.9.12) 来用车是一个租车平台,近日获得A轮1亿 投资,官网启用品牌域名,不错!也可以考虑升级到,符合国内消费者的记忆输写习惯,利于品牌的推广和宣传,推动全球布局。

(2017.9.11) They get it! Electric VTOL jet startup Lilium is from Germany, but English name of a plant is chosen and extension is .com not .de. English + dot com + brand matching. Also, beautiful website!

(2017.9.11) 团宴网提供宴会预订服务,近日获得1.3亿元投资,官网启用。我觉得如果能够将品牌以及域名升级为Tuanyan.com会更简单容易记忆。

(2017.9.9) Amazon excels in domain strategy. is core and global. For China, it has,, and many Chinese names such as 亚马逊.世界 (, 亚马逊.我爱你 (Amazon.iloveyou), and 亚马逊.网店 (Amazon.netshop).

(2017.9.9) 北京中万网络科技提供互联网服务,官网启用,非常贴切。该公司最近使用中文域名“中万.集团”跳转到官网。这个中文域名短小精悍,非常好。可惜,公司名称里面没有“集团”这两个字,使用“网络"后缀应该更能配合公司名称。

(2017.9.8) Haval, global SUV division of Great Wall Motors, owns domain name Haval on many country extensions, yet it fails to secure Its uses instead, which is quite inferior imo.

(2017.9.8) 一些域名非常有价值,所以必须小心保护。据报道,国内一个3数字域名864.com最近被盗了。现在的3数字.com域名价值是七位数。865谐音“百乐世”,可以成为一个不错的品牌。

(2017.9.7) Logistics company GoGoVan recently became Hong Kong's first $1 billion startup. It has a problem in international expansion: it does not own It's corporate site is

(2017.9.7) 微语言是一个教育平台,近日获得3000万元A+轮投资,官网启用。这域名不好记呀!

(2017.9.6) New domain extensions can complement branded .com in promotion, e.g. BBC uses to forward visitors to its BBC Club site, and Swatch uses to send visitors to its Swatch Club membership page.

(2017.9.6) 窝趣提供长租公寓,近日获得5000万元投资,官网启用。要注意,.cc是科科斯群岛的国家后缀,小国家稳定吗?该公司有了资金,可以考虑收购对应品牌的Woqu.com域名。Woqu勉强可以用英文发音,对该公司将来如果要进军国际市场之时有一点帮助。

(2017.9.5) German startup Homelike targets global business travelers looking for longer stay than hotel accommodation. They use Well, the prefix "the" makes it more difficult to remember.

(2017.9.5) 中文域名虽然还没有成为主流,但是我觉得短的中文域名还是有潜力的。比如,无现金支付商卡联科技集团的官网域名是。该公司也使用中文域名“卡联.集团”(.集团后缀),跳转到官网域名。这个中文域名对应品牌,也不太难记。

(2017.9.2) Thailand-based Flow Account offers cloud-based accounting system. Domain name is Thanks to this brand-matching .com name, this startup can go global any time. Note that they decided to use English words in the domain name. So, English + .com = global!

(2017.9.2) 觅跑是一个共享自助运动仓平台,近日获得数千万元天使轮投资,官网启用。有了资金,可以考虑升级到品牌域名。幸好,Mipao的英文发音还可以,所以能够推动全球布局。

(2017.9.1) Great guy Eric Lyon at the largest domain forum Namepros lost his Houston home in Hurricane Harvey. Thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. You can donate at OR

(2017.9.1) 作业帮是一个教育平台,近日获得1.5亿美元C轮投资。作业帮刚开始使用的域名是字母+拼音的,后来升级到完全是拼音的,比较容易记!

(2017.8.31) US startup 8th Wall speeds up creation of smartphone AR apps. Corporate domain name is -- not perfect name but nevertheless brand matching. They can always upgrade to better .com in the future.

(2017.8.31) 二更是一个视频平台,近日获得1亿元B+轮投资,官网启用。我建升级到品牌域名。“二更”这个名字的好处是英文发音也可以,随时可以进军国际市场。

(2017.8.30) BunkerEx is a London-based bunker (fuel for ships) marketplace. This startup certainly knows the value of .com to enable it to operate as a global business. Unfortunately, they don't own Instead, they settled for when they registered it last year. Why did they still go for a much inferior made-up name when they saw that was registered (but not used) in 2013? Couldn't they create another domain name based on the keyword "bunker"? Lean Domain Search gives me 4150 possible names incorporating "bunder". There must be one of them that suits their taste. Well, they just raised £400,000 in seed funding so definitely can upgrade their domain name.

(2017.8.30) Future FinTech Group是合德堂食品在美国的子公司,已经上市纳斯达克。请猜一猜他们使用的官网域名。全不是。是!有多少人知道FTFT.top是一个域名呢?