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Kassey Lee

我出生香港,大学毕业后赴美学习,获得国际管理硕士学位。我曾任职于一家德国跨国公司,在香港、台湾、以及日本工作。近期,创立了 Coreile.com,提供域名服务,也曾经是国际域名大会DomainFest和Domain Pulse主讲者。

  • 域名权威杂志DN Journal对我的描述: Renowned Chinese domaining analyst
  • DomainFest主办人之一,Simon Cousins曾评价我:Kassey Lee's Coreile Letter is one of the most read newsletters addressing the mashup of West and East.

域名是企业的门面,必须对应品牌、简单易记、世界通用。请访问我的网站 Coreile.com(中英文)看我发布域名信息,帮助企业CEO活用域名,创造品牌,领动全球。也欢迎企业CEO加入我的人脈網。


Mr. Howard Fellman, Academic Dean, PC Professor Technical Institute, USA (电脑专家以及资深域名投资家)
With his Coreile Newsletter and website, Kassey has done more to unite the East and West than any other domain professional. His insightful comments, observations and research have become pillars of the domaining community. He is extremely well respected and it is an honor to be among his subscribers.

Mr. Jeff Sass, Chief Marketing Officer, .CLUB Domains LLC, USA (.club后缀注册局首席市场官)
From the moment I first came across Kassey's informative blog and newsletter I was immediately impressed by the depth of his knowledge of the domain name market in China. Kassey has a deep understanding of the intricacies of what makes a domain name valuable to domain investors, and in particular domain investors in China, or people wanting to invest in names that will have appeal and value in China. His direct and thorough approach to research and analysis typically unveils many useful insights. He is also an engaging storyteller.

邮箱: gen@coreile.com
领英: Linkedin.com/in/kasseylee

【头像】我给了我太太的姐姐一张我的照片和一些中国古代学者的画像,请她将我也变成一位有智慧的古代老先生。 结果呢? 我确实看来很老,却没有变得更有智慧!为什么要戴上眼镜呢?尽管我不同意,我的太太和她的姐姐都认为我戴上眼镜比较好看。您说呢?