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(2019.3.22) Some old Japanese firms are starting to realize the importance of owning their matching .com domains. Men's care product maker Mandom Corporation (マンダム) was established in 1927. The listed company has revenue of about $760 million and subsidiaries in major countries. It's been running its global business from country extension domain Recently, it finally invested about $23,000 to acquire the matching

(2019.3.21) 投资域名,并不是一般报道说的那么容易。在2013年以120,000美元高价出售的,昨天又出售了,成交价格只有9,550美元。这个投资大大亏本!

(2019.3.20) What does 'xx' mean in Chinese? Well, it may mean Xue Xi (学习=learn) , as used in the new education service platform launched in early March. The price of the acquired domain is reported to be 7-figure yuan.

(2019.3.19) 俗话说:名正,才能言顺。美国云端云计算服务公司Packet成立于2014年,官网域名一直启用。去年9月,该公司投资35万美元收购了品牌域名。现在Packet.net跳转到。



The worst domain appraiser in the world

(2019.3.16 Sat) When I acquire a domain, I do my own research and make my own purchase decision. I have never asked anyone to appraise my domains. So, it puzzles me to see investors requesting for domain appraisal on forums or even in private messages to me.(Read)

The surprising fact about my Pinyin domains

(2019.3.9 Sat) Because I'm Chinese and I write about the Chinese domain market, I regularly receive requests to appraise Pinyin domains. The surprising fact is that most of these Pinyin domains are owned by non-Chinese investors who don't speak Chinese. If that's hard to understand, today's discussion will even be harder to comprehend.(Read)

Google demo points to massive value of digital address

(2019.3.2 Sat) I was stunned by the Google demo I saw last year. In the demo, the AI-powered digital assistant called a hairdresser in the real world and booked a haircut for its client. The assistant even added 'ummm' and 'aaah' in the conversation, but the lady on the other end had no idea that she was actually talking to a digital robot! (Read)

Domains are real addresses, and the Chinese government says so

(2019.2.23 Sat) I have been saying that domains are digital addresses, yet I never expected that they would be treated as equal to the physical addresses one day. A recent announcement by the Chinese government has changed the concept of a domain. It's not only an address to build your store, it can also be used as an official address to register your business.(Read)

There is a catch to – and a touch of Chinese too!

(2019.2.16 Sat) Andrew Rosener must be wearing a special type of eyeglasses, because he often looks at a domain and sees great value hidden in it. On the DomainSherpa shows, his answer to why he has bought a certain domain often amazes me. Last week, the top broker mentioned that he recently bought the domain and said there's a catch to it.(Read)