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(2018.11.21) 域名升级,是众多企业必经之路。苹果公司有合作伙伴,美国计算机芯片制造商Other World Computing拥有对应品牌的OtherWorldComputing.com域名,却以OWCdigital.com为官网域名。近日,该公司投资大五位美金到六位数美金,收购并启用了真正对应品牌的3字母域名。新域名简洁好记,实用性强,并有输入的优势,有利于品牌宣传。

(2018.11.20) A letter prefix plus a trendy keyword makes a memorable domain. China-based KangaFintech recently launched digital currency platform Pcoin to provide lending, personal finance, and investment fund services. The domain was reportedly acquired for 188 bitcoins.

(2018.11.20) 域名升级,是众多企业必经之路。美国农业信息网络平台Farmers Business Network一直使用对应品牌的。该域名太长吧?该公司曾在去年获得谷歌风投1500万美元投资,然后在同一年更获得1.1亿美元D轮投资。近日,该公司收购三字母域名。新的域名也对应品牌,已经建站,计划成为新的官网域名。

(2018.11.19) A flower shop owner started domain investing this year and purchased numeric domain recently. The price was not disclosed. In 2016, the domain was sold for 1.82 million yuan. 920 rhymes with 就爱你 (just love you) so can be used in dating, match-making, and other love-related services.



If a crazy, stupid name/domain could become a global brand...

(2018.11.17 Sat) Such unfriendly words were given to Jack Ma in the early days of Alibaba, and the words referred to the name "ali baba". Nevertheless, the name went on to become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. What about a domain you just made up and registered for $10?(Read)

The puzzling logic of asking public help desks to find your own address (domain)

(2018.11.10 Sat) I just came back from visits to Japan and Taiwan. Because I have worked and lived in these two places, it's always a pleasure to visit them again -- if only for their delicious foods. However, what I saw there suggests that the global domain market is still in its early stage, despite the fact that domains have been available since 1985. I was shocked to see how little many companies there understand domains and their effective use in advertising.(Read)

A learning trip to Taiwan

(2018.11.3 Sat) I have found in life that you can learn regardless of where you are. Your environment often provides many learning opportunities if you just open your eyes wide. This is once again confirmed in our current visit of Taiwan.(Read)

The sleeping Samurai

(2018.10.27 Sat) What do you see in this picture that I snapped a few days ago during a subway ride in Tokyo? In the picture is a little feature found in most of the ads I have come across during our current visit of this beautiful city. This little feature actually paints a big picture about domains used in corporate Japan.(Read)

The curious case of Yendai

(2018.10.20 Sat) Pinyin domains are sought after in corporate China. It's the number one choice for the 2018 Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies, and the majority of them are 2-pin domains. Well known examples are,, and Today I'll talk about the curious case of YenDai.(Read)