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(2018.6.23) When dictionary words are all registered, what can you do? One way is to add a special letter (such as x or z) to the front of a dictionary word to create a new name. For example, American startup zGlue produces integrated chips for IoT application. It registered the brand matching in 2014 when it was founded. The ripple effect is alive in the domain arena too.

(2018.6.23) French are proud of their culture and language, but when it comes to digital addresses in the virtual world, English+dotCom still rules. France-based OpenClassrooms provides online educational course on the brand matching domain

(2018.6.23) 使用中文的.com域名,平常在域名拍卖平台或者新闻里也看不到,所以猜想买家不多,不容易卖出。中文后缀“ .点看” (.com)虽然在2015年已经注册完毕,但是还没有使用。中文域名前途未卜。

(2018.6.22) Unfortunately Din Tai Fung apparently has not secured its global address at the least. Its corporate domain is No global brand can afford not to have its brand-matching .com domain. In this case, they need to acquire at the least. An even better one is They should grab this one while it is still available for purchase. There is a reason why Jing Dong acquired and then spent $5 million in 2012 to purchase its crown jewel Now, the company ranks as the third largest internet company in the world. Learn from Jing Dong.



SoundAi demonstrates good domain strategy at low cost

(2018.6.23 Sat) The other day I read the news about a Chinese startup called SoundAi. As usual, I did a little bit of study and found the company interesting. It shows that you can go global on day one with a good domain strategy – and at low cost.(Read)

How to protect your domains

(2018.6.16 Sat) A domain is a critical company asset. It's a digital address where you build your store to sell million dollars of products. For a good domain, its value also increases over time; when one day you close your business, you can sell your domain and make a capital gain. Because domains are valuable, they must be protected.(Read)

How I tackle domain jargon

(2018.6.9 Sat) I'm a simple man. I try to simplify things while living in this complicated world. When it comes to the subject of domains, I do the same too. In this article, I'd like to look at some jargon used in the domain industry and translate them to simple English.(Read)

This gate may make country extensions essential

(2018.6.2 Sat) The virtual world, while still developing, gives consumers the freedom to shop anywhere. A store built on just one digital address (domain) can serve the entire population. However, national governments are making it difficult by setting up boundaries and toll gates. This is best illustrated in the introduction of a tax law in Australia.(Read)

Domain strategy of a small but global game developer

(2018.5.26 Sat) Few days ago, I read the news of a small company in New Zealand joining the Tencent group in China, so I was interested in how it happened and how they used domains in their business.(Read)