Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

February 18, 2016 (Thu)

Leverage and 4L .com

A lending website built on has just gone live. This service is well funded by major domain registrar and provides financing solely for domain investors. Domain names as collateral are not limited to traditional extensions, but also new ones such as xyz, .top, and .club, with interest rates ranging from 10 to 12% per year. For example, .top domain names up to 4N, 3L, and single-pin can obtain loan up to 80% of their market values. This trend is developing now. As in any market, once people can borrow to invest, the domain market will certainly explode. The good days are yet to come.

4L .com potential. 4L .coms have great potential in China as upgrade for companies using 4-pin names. The biggest problem with 4-pin (4 Pinyin words) is that they are usually very long, making them difficult for consumers to remember. So, companies solve this problem by abbreviating their 4 Pinyin words to 4L. For example, (嘟嘟美甲) is a O2O home visit manicure service bought out this week after receiving Series A funding only recently. So this company has great potential, and may upgrade to a shorter, acronym This 4L .com is currently parked and I hope the owner is aware of this news.