Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

February 20, 2016 (Sat)

Domain Fund

It amazes me to see new types of domain name investment springing up in China. For example, recently I came across a domain fund set up by While the website does not give away its details, we can have a glimpse of the kind of domain names that they invest in. In the example, the domain names they've bought are all (1) .com and (2) 3L or 4N. Interestingly, they have no problem with 0 and 4, such as and

There is also a table listing what they will acquire:

.com(up to 6N), net(4N), and .cn(5N). Number 8 is preferred but no 0/4 unless domain names way below market value.

.com (up to 4L), .net (3L), .cn (3L) . For 4L, without a, i, e, o, u, v

.com (up to 3-pin), .cn (3-pin)