Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

February 25, 2016 (Thu)

Upgrading a Brand

A TV station in Hunan province has changed its corporate image from a local to a national or even global company by upgrading its brand/domain name from 湖南TV ( to 芒果TV (

In fact, the company has already stepped into the global arena, starting with partnerships with BBC in UK and CAA in the US last year. will enable the company to become truly global.

The Chinese characters 芒果 means mango. Using a fruit to rebrand is a smart move in my opinion. We have already seen examples of apple and orange being used as brands. Chinese love fruits too. Mango projects that sweet and juicy image in my mind.

Just by looking at the two domain names, you can easily tell is local and is much bigger.

And here is my point. Given choices, a Chinese company will go for a .com name first and then .cn because .com is global and gives the company a much bigger image.

For the same reason, the company will go for a short name first. Also, Chinese companies like 2-letter names. For example, 芒果 has two Chinese characters. Its Pinyin name is MangGuo, which can be shortened to the MG acronym.

Currently, redirects to