Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

February 26, 2016 (Fri)

Going Global

The 3rd largest e-signature verification service platform in China has changed its corporate website from to

Its Chinese name 上上签 manages to remain unchanged because SS Qian is based on Pinyin and Best Sign is based on its English translation.

The question is: why did the company take the pain and money to switch to a different domain name?

I guess the reasons are: (1) The English name Best Sign gives you a global image, which is a status symbol many Chinese want by acquiring expensive domain names, and (2) .cn is a better class than By the end of February, will start to redirect to

Naturally, I also speculate the company plans to go global in the future and this is only the first step. If so, they must acquire eventually.

The good news is that appears to be owned by a small signage company in the US, so acquiring the .com domain name is possible by paying a good sum of money.