Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

February 27, 2016 (Sat)

All Domainer Investors are Rice Farmers

How about a little bit of fun today by looking at some Chinese terms relating to domain investment? Many of these names are derived from the word 玉米 (corn) which sounds very similar to 域名 (domain name) when pronounced. When 玉米 (corn) is shortened to simply 米, its meaning may have changed. 米 is generally understood to refer to rice. So here we have a lot of rice-related terms that actually refer to the domain industry.

米市 rice (domain) market
炒米 fry rice (domain speculation)
米店 rice (domain) shop
米商 rice (domain) merchant
买米 buy rice (domain)
米圈 rice (domain) circle
米农 rice farmer (domainer)
米友 rice (domain) fan
玩米 play with rice (domain hobby)
扫米 sweep rice (bulk domain search)
短米 short-grain rice (short domain name)
大米 large-grain rice (expensive domain name)
杂米 mixed-grain rice (letter mixed with number e.g.7V)

批量注册 bulk registration

These two are my favorites:
学费米 tuition domain (crappy domain names to let you learn a lesson in domaining)
一米发 one grain of rice bringing you a fortune overnight (like a hand-registered domain name sold for millions of dollars)