Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 1, 2016 (Tue)

Chinese Companies Do Use English Domain Names

This story assures us that Chinese companies do acquire domain names consisting of English words.

一家民宿 (Yi Jia Min Su) is a Airbnb-like short-term rental service. It has a global network of private homes offering rooms to Chinese visitors only. Founded only in January, 2015, it has already attracted Pre A series funding, showing its great potential of growth.

What I want to focus on is the domain name the company is using. Instead of using a Pinyin name or acronym matching its name, the company has chosen to go with an English name:

In this case, OneHome roughly matches the company's Chinese name which means staying at a private home. Even though all of its customers are Chinese, the company still wants to use an English domain name, which probably projects a better image of being global when compared with a Pinyin name.

So, if you own a domain name consisting of English words only, you still have the opportunity to sell to Chinese companies. However, the English words must be simple and commonly known.