Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 7, 2016 (Mon)

Leverage Means Explosive Growth

More details on domain loan. In yesterday's post I touched on the subject of financing a purchase with a loan. The .wang registry now offers loans on their premium .wang domain names. Here are some actual examples that occurred last year. was sold for 102,000 CNY, financed with a 51,000 CNY loan at 0% interest. was sold for 99,000, financed with a 49,500 loan at 0% interest. (Wulian is a county and also company name.) was sold for 30,000, financed with a 15,000 loan at 0% interest.

According to eName, .want registrations have exceeded 1 million and is growing rapidly. I think this is only the beginning. Soon, domain loan will become mainstream, allowing speculators to greatly increase their ability to buy more domain names. Just imagine how many times the domain market will become!