Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 8, 2016 (Tue) Cheap But Makes Sense

Many readers know how I evaluate a domain name. It's very simple. When I look at a domain name, I ask myself: Does it make sense for an end user company to run a business on this domain name?

Today's story makes sense. 章鱼彩票 (Zhang Yu Cai Piao, or literally meaning Octopus Lottery) is a formidable new player in online betting. Founded in 2013, it has already landed in UK on its way its global reach. Recently a Series B funding from has pushed up its valuation to 1 billion USD.

The domain name it uses for its corporate website is a humble NLLL: These days most NLLL .com domain names are selling at very cheap prices. In the last two years, the highest sale of NLLL .com reported by Nambio is at US$ 2,407.

However, makes sense. 8 is all about making a fortune and "win" is self-explanatory. Here's my point: if you buy a low-cost domain name that makes sense, you can turn it into a billion dollar business.

However, there is an issue: While the domain name matches the nature of the business, it does not match the name of the company. This can be solved by changing the company name accordingly.