Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 9, 2016 (Wed)

Can't Find A Good Domain Name? Just Add The '360' Suffix

'360' suffixed domain names are getting popular in China.

Few days ago 财富360(Cai Fu 360) launched financial service website on In the domain news today are two companies using the same approach. Ecommerce operator贵农网 (Gui Nong Wang) just went online using, and ABC360 is reported to have received massive funding to further develop its language teaching services on

Of course, the most expensive '360' domain name has to be, which Qihoo bought last year for US$ 17 millions. Other 360 domain names in use include (ecommerce) and (finance).

360 refers to 360 degrees, a symbol for 'full', 'complete', and 'all'. No wonder why so many Chinese companies like '360' suffix. It provides a good solution if you can't acquire a domain name either it's too expensive or it's simply not available.