Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 10, 2016 (Thu)

Internet+ Means More O2O Opportunities

Last July, the Chinese government launched the Internet+ initiative, encouraging Chinese companies to add their business operations to Internet. As a result, China has been expanding from the Internet-only business model to the online-to-offline (O2O) model.

Many examples can be seen now. Didi Kuaidi is Internet+taxi. is Internet+food delivery. Now, an entrepreneur nicknamed Lao Long wants to attack the water leak repair industry with a domain name he just bought:

BuLou (补漏) is a 2-pin name with only 5 letters. It means water leak repairs. It is short and is very easy to remember by consumers.

Lao Long said he had read about many success stories in areas such as Internet+laundry, Internet+logistics, Internet+nail services, so he thought there would be business opportunity in Internet+water leak repairs. He plans to develop the domain name to sell water-leakage related products or as a marketplace for tradesmen and consumers. Currently, the website is under construction.