Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 11, 2016 (Fri)

How I Acquire Chinese Domain Name Knowledge

There is a Chinese saying: 先知先觉、后知后觉、不知不觉. Someone may have a better translation, but my own translation is: Know things before others, know things after others, or never know anything.

When I was growing up, I found out that I belong to the second group. One of my classmates was miles ahead of me. He seemed to have come back from the future. He was first in the class, good at both science and art subjects, and could do sports as well. I was the number two, terrible in art subjects, and failed in sports.

But, I learned a very important lesson: Still, I can make it to number two if I work hard. This lesson has helped me in my later life, and now in domain investment.

I'm not smart, but I'm willing to take every opportunity to learn. For example, I just received an email, which actually inspired me to write this post.

This unsolicited email came from, a name that Chinese domain investors will recognize as to mean 'domain'. It has a list of expiring 4L domain names for an upcoming auction.

When I saw the list, I was excited! What? Being excited over a message trying to sell you something?! Yes, because the domain names come with Chinese 'translations' as well, such as:

LNFC:辽宁房产>Liaoning (province) real estate
HXCM:海鲜炒面>Seafood fried noddle
WSJY:网上教育>Online education
WXSJ:卫星手机>Satellite phone

Naturally, they ended up being stored in my database. Next time if you ask me for the translation of any of these names, you should not wonder why I can do it with so much ease and speed. A lot of my answers are based on this accumulation of knowledge acquired from every opportunity that crosses my desk.

So, which of the three groups of people do you belong to?