Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 12, 2016 (Sat)

I Like .公司(.company) but it's not Doing Well

The figure is just out but it's not looking good. registration of Chinese IDN extension .公司(.company) as of March 7 is 49,138, which is 155 less than the previous month. So, .公司is going backward. I hope it's only a temporary setback.

I believe in the long run Pinyin company names will be replaced by IDN.IDN because the latter matches Chinese consumer habit of remembering names by their Chinese characters not Pinyin words.

Among the several Chinese .IDN extensions, I like .公司 (.company) best. This is because these two Chinse characters are often contained in a Chinse company's legal name. Remember, a Chinese company have a legal name which is usually very long, and also a trading name which is often just two Chinese characters.

For example, Baidu's legal name is 百度在线网络技术(北京)有限公司 (Bai Du Zai Xian Wang Luo Ji Shu (Beijing) You Xian Gong Si). See how long it is! Observe that the name ends with 公司 (company). Isn't it natural to shorten the whole name to just 百度.公司 by taking out the characters in the middle?

I hope my view will be shared by the Chinese companies.