Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 13, 2016 (Sun)

.cn Is Skyrocketing

The growth of .cn is really spectacular! According to the latest domain statistics released in China recently, the total number of .cn registration by the end of February is 18.7m, which is 2m more than that only one month earlier.

Now, let's look at 2015 and you'll be even more amazed. In January, 2015 the .cn registrations stood at 11.8m. In other words, the .cn growth in 2015 was about 400k/month.

So from 400k to 2m per month growth. That's explosive! If China continues its pace, .cn may overtake .com within 10 years as the No. 1 -- but only in terms of numbers. When it comes of value, .com will remain as King.

The massive growth in .cn also suggests huge potential for .com in China because most end users take .com as first priority. When it becomes hard to get short letters, numbers, and Pinyin, I speculate the next category will be short English words or even CVCV type words that can be 'translated' to good Chinese names.