Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 14, 2016 (Mon)

You Can Borrow Money to Invest in .wang Domain Names

The .wang registry is really aggressive in pushing its .wang extension. It recently teamed up with lender Lu Gu Dai(绿谷贷, to provide loans to buyers of short .wang domain names such as 3L and 2-pin.

The loans are available via registrars such as eName and

Lu Gu Dai is a lending company listed on the Zhejiang stock exchange. So, this partnership means domain names are recognized as a financial assets like stocks or bonds.

Within only two years of its launch, .wang registration number has already exceeded one million. As we all know, the ability to borrow to invest will greatly increase the number of investors and so the number of registrations. .wang may explode in terms of its number, and leverage will become part of the domain name investment. This is truly a new era.