Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 17, 2016 (Thu)

Will Chinese Consumers Remember English Acronym Domain Names?

While it is common for Chinese companies to use an acronym to represent Pinyin names (such as for Jing Dong), it's quite rare to see a Chinese company using acronym to represent English words.

Today's new story is about an online supermarket for students 8天在线 (8 Tian Zai Xian) which just received Series B funding recently. Its corporate site is

It may take a while for you to figure out what 8dol stands for. It actually comes from the company's translated English name "8 days online". I really doubt how the average consumers can remember this name. For one, it does not follow the convention of acronym representing Pinyin but English words. Can consumers remembers the English words and shorten them to the acronym in their mind? Also, the number placed before the acronym further confuses consumers.

So, I think 8dol is a name difficult to remember for consumers. Maybe is a better choice.