Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 19, 2016 (Sat)

Is .club a Chinese Company?

Some people may wonder if .club registry is a Chinese company. Proof? Well, according to an eName news article, 384 .club domain names were sold globally in February this year, but 329 or 86% of them were sold in China.

Sales outside China is so small that the .club registry may easily be seen as a company operating in China and serving mainly the local market.

Colin Campbell and his team have been very aggressive in promoting .club -- particularly in China. As a result, they have been so successful that sales in China really overshadows the rest of the world.

However, with success comes risks as well. The profit of .club depends too much on a single market. If China's economy slows down or the domain boom ends, how will .club be affected?

Also, there must be active use of .club domain names by end user companies in a wide range of industries to ensure the long term stability of the .club registry. So, among domain names sold in recent months, are the majority used by end user companies to build websites on the domain names? If we see many .club websites in Chinese, then the registry will have a solid future in China.

I'm hopeful that .club will become a well-established extension as a niche player complementing .com. I think in the corporate world, .com will remain as the mother ship surrounded by many niche extensions for specific functions of the corporation.

For example, .club can be used for customer membership management, .news for corporate news, .app for its mobile apps, .feedback for customer feedback etc. They don't need to have any content. They can be just names used in marketing for forwarding to the main .com site.