Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 20, 2016 (Sun)

How One Company Upgrades Its Domain Name

Dou Yu TV(斗鱼TV) is a video website offering a variety of videos for entertainment. It recently completed its first round of funding, with a major portion coming from Tencent. The company specializes in live broadcast.

When the company started, they settled on In 2014, they upgraded their corporate site to ( redirects to Recently, they acquired the shorter Currently, both and are showing the same contents, but I think soon will take over the leadership and become the company's corporate site.

Dou Yu TV shows a familiar upgrade path: when you start with little money, you get a domain name that is cheap, which may mean an alternative extension. When sales grow and you can afford, you upgrade to a .com domain name. Once you get massive funding, you want to shorten the .com domain name.