Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 22, 2016 (Tue)

Dish DBS the New .mobi Registry?

According to this news article by eName, Dish DBS has obtained the rights to manage the .mobi extension. The article mentioned .mboi as a new gTLD with restricted use. (Edit: The error was corrected later.)

I think the extension got mixed up. Dish DBS has won the rights to .mobile which will be a restricted gTLD where only those in the mobile device/service industry can register a .mobile domain name.

So, in a sense, .mobile does not post any threat to the existing .mobi which was launched in 2006.

What about .mobi? Does it have any future?

I think so -- not as a generic extension but a niche player. It should thrive in the mobile area.

It should be judged like the many new domain extensions. The good .mobi are either the very short numerics (e.g. 3N) and acronyms (3L), or single words that flow with the extension such as (dropship mobile devices) and (selling used mobile devices)

Only time will tell.