Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 23, 2016 (Wed)

English Words Can Be Used, but Make It Simple

Bao Bao Shu (宝宝树) means baby tree. It's a parenting site which is worth over 1 billion US dollars. The company is preparing to list on a stock exchange.

As China recently relaxed its one-child policy, the 'children' market is set to grow significantly and Bao Bao Shu is well positioned to capture a large share of it.

My focus is on its domain name. The company's English name is Baby Tree, so it's fine to use as their corporate website.

If you visit the website, you'll see the name "Baby Tree" displayed prominently while the Chinese name "宝宝树" has taken a secondary position. I guess the company hopes visitors will remember its English name as the company's Internet address. As the words "baby" and "tree" are simple English words, I think it is possible consumers will remember the name if the company promote it aggressively.

However, this can still be tricky. I'd imagine the average consumers using the company's Chinese name in their daily conversation instead, and go to when they want to visit the company.

Fortunately, they do own but the domain name is used by one of the company's subsidiaries for a different purpose. When visitors come to this website, they probably have no idea this website belongs to Baby Tree, because the design including logo is totally different. I think it will help by displaying the link for visitors whose intention is the corporate website.

There is one more thing. Unfortunately, appears to belong to a different company offering online education for children. This just shows how important it is to secure all related domain names to protect your brand and to reduce confusion by consumers.