Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 25, 2016 (Fri)

I Am Scratching My Head

Heng Dai Jin Fu (恒大金服) is a financial platform launched by the Evergrade group recently. The Evergrade group is a Top 10 real estate company in China and it also ranks No. 500 on Forbes Global 2000.

Launching this financial platform is an important step by the group to capture huge business opportunities offered by the rapidly growing Internet.

If Heng Dai Jin Fu is such a strategic move by the group, they must have invested a lot of their time and money on it. What domain name would you consider if you were the company's top executive?

At the basic level, a matching domain name would be required, and as a 4-pin name should be very cheap to acquire. It should be acquired also for brand protection. Surprise! At the time of this writing, is available for registration.

A much better one would be its acronym name, Too bad. The domain name apparently belongs to someone else and it shows a landing page only. Since this domain name is not being used, I guess the company could have negotiated to purchase it.

Instead, the company has chosen to go with

What is the thinking behind this name? The company is not selling fax machines which are out of fashion anyway. What does a financial service website have to do with fax? I checked the website but did not anything to do with fax. Even the contact page listed no fax number.

Why is this domain name so confusing? What will consumers think of the services when they see the word "fax" in the domain name? I'd like to know the logic behind choosing this domain name.