Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

March 28, 2016 (Mon)

The Next Generation Has Not Changed Yet

Today's blog post has nothing to do with China, but everything to do with the whole world.

Some leaders in the domain industry predict that as the next generation grows up, the dominance of .com will fade. The logic is that younger users of the Internet grow up in a world of hundreds of new extensions so they don't have any bias toward .com.

As we transition from the industrial society to the Internet society, top business leaders are also transitioning to Internet giants such as Google, Alibaba, and Rakuten. When the Internet giants lead, the rest of the business world will follow.

We know the current Internet giants all use .com. What about the next generation? Will they shift to other extensions? If they do, then the dominance of .com will fade.

I certainly want to detect early signs of such change so that I'll be well prepared. So, I read Techcrunch everyday, look for news about Internet startups, check their country of location, and the domain extension they use. So far, new Internet startups from around the world still prefer .com. Look at China, India, and many other countries. .com is still the first choice.

Today, I have further evidence that there is no shift yet toward a non com world. Techcrunch has announced the 60 startups in the Y Combinator Winter 2016 Demo Day. These are young, aspiring Internet startups which may one day become giant companies to lead the world.

I studied the domain extension of each of the 60 startups, and the result speaks for itself. 48 startups or 80% of them still use .com as their corporate site. followed by .io (7), .co (3), .xyz (1), and .system (1). Below is the complete list. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Chitter ( | Cover ( | Enflux ( | Poppy ( | Stitch ( | Trac ( | UnnyWorld ( | Vinebox ( | | | | | | Prompt ( | | | | | Focal Systems (Focal.Systems)

There is no sign any change yet. The position of .com is still solid.