Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 1, 2016 (Fri)

Does the 'e' in Make it Less Valuable?

Why do so many domain investors focus on the so-called Chips (names not containing 'aeiouv04')? The idea is that the value of a domain name is much lower if it contains any of the 'undesirable' character or number.

I never understand chips except those that come with fish. Today I came across a piece of news that suggests a domain name containing the character 'e' may be very valuable. The domain name is It's very valuable because it falls into the upgrade path of an up and coming Internet player called Hui Xiao Er (会小二).

Founded in 2012, the company offer a meeting venue booking platform. It allows users to easily book a venue in any Chinese city for their particular purpose. The initial success immediately attracted attention from investors and resulted in Series A funding from IDG Capital Partners.

Recently, the company further received tens of millions of funding in US dollars from IDG as well as new investor DCM. The amount is considered very large in China.

The company's corporate site is the matching name, and the corresponding .cn and have all been acquired for brand protection.

With more money and more success, what will they do in their domain strategy? I'll speculate that they will follow the many Internet leaders and go for a shorter and easier domain name. In this case, the perfect one for their upgrade is Whether the domain name contains the so-called undesirable 'e' or not is simply not the issue.

Currently, is for sale, so owner take notes!