Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 2, 2016 (Sat)

China Growing Faster Than Japan

Japan Registry Services (JPRS), the registry responsible for managing the .jp domain extension, just released the latest number of .jp domain names. Japan has 1.4m of .jp domain names registered, growing at only 1.4% over the previous year.

Now, compare it with China. according to eName in February this year, China has 16.8m of .cn domain names registered, growing at a whopping 30% over the previous year.

In terms of the population, 1.1% of Japanese has .jp while 1.2% of Chinese has .cn.

This means China is already ahead of Japan in owning their country extension. Not only that, the annual growth of .cn is stunning, indicating there is tremendous demand for domain names in China.

This suggests to me that China will continue to offer a lot of opportunities for domain investors while the golden days of Japan have not arrived yet.