Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 3, 2016 (Sun)

I Like Chinese IDN.IDN

I've said in the past that I like Chinese IDN.IDN domain names because they match the Chinese people's habit of remembering names in Chinese characters. As I see it, Pinyin domain names are only transitional and may be replaced by Chinese IDN.IDN.

I've mentioned that I like the extension .公司 (company) because these two characters are already part of many company names such as 百度在线网络技术(北京)有限公司 (Baidu) and 騰訊控股有限公司(Tencent).

Another Chinese extension that may work is .集团 (group). In a similar way, there are also many company names that contains these two characters. For example, 营口鹏程集团有限公司 owns the 鹏程.集团 domain name which is very appropriate because the whole IDN.IDN comes from the company name. 鹏程.集团 redirects to the company's corporate site Another example is 金都建筑.集团, which redirects to the company's corporate site

These two examples suggest Chinese IDN.IDN can be used as consumer facing labels. They are easy to remember and can be used to direct visitors to a company's corporate site.

There is one issue I've found with Chinese IDN.IDN. The . (dot) is English (single byte) and its equivalent in Chinese is 。(double bytes). Using the 鹏程.集团 example earlier, when I type it in Chinese, what I get is actually 鹏程。集团 unless I consciously switch the keyboard to the English mode. Unfortunately my browser (Firefox) does not recognize the 。as . so it does not work. I'm not sure if this is only my problem, but I'm hopefully all browser will support the Chinese dot (。)