Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 4, 2016 (Mon)

Will Chinese IDN .mobi Become Popular?

Many investors in the west may think .mobi is long gone, but from time to time I read Chinese articles saying .mobi is great for investment. The article I'm reading now even claims Chinese IDN .mobi has great potential.

The reason mentioned in the article is that the mobile Internet is super hot and .mobi is the only extension licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for mobile devices. (I'm not sure if it's true or not.) Furthermore, with more and more Chinese IDNs available to build Chinese websites, IDN .mobi should have great potential as investment.

The article says .mobi is the only extension for mobile phones and devices and gives the following examples as great names easy to remember.

财付通.mobi (easy to pay money)
滴滴代驾.mobi (car hire)
途牛旅游.mobi (cow travel)
重庆银行.mobi (Chong Qing bank)

Unfortunately, all of them have only a landing page and they appear to be for sale.

I check the .mobi registrations regularly and the growth is still negative. While I'm hopeful .mobi still has a chance to come back and grow again, I think it will become a niche player likely for use in businesses related to mobile devices. Chinese IDN .mobi? I'm not so sure. I still believe if you want to go Chinese IDN, then include the extension as well. Chinese IDN.IDN is much more natural for Chinese consumers to remember.