Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 6, 2016 (Wed)

This Corporate Website Uses an 8N .com. Why?

You know 神州专车(Shen Zhou Zhuan Che) is not a small player if you read that the startup just received a 20 billion CNY line of credit from a bank in China.

Shen Zhou Zhuan Che offers chauffeur-driven car hire for business users. Launched only in January, 2015, the comapny already received Series A and then Series B funding rounds at a total of 800m USD in the same year. The service is already available in more than 50 cities. The company is growing very rapidly.

The company does not seem to own or They are too long anyway. However, how about or They are short so should be easy to remember. No, they don't own these two domain names either, although they can because both domain names are for sale now.

Instead, the company has chosen for their corporate website. Yes, it's a 8-digit number. Isn't it too long to be easy to remember? I think so. But, it turns out that the name is also the phone number customers can call to book a car. I guess the company still thinks their customers mostly use the phone number as the point of first contact, even though the company also offers apps you can use to book without any phone call.

I can see the logic in using as their website, but I think they should forget about the phone number and just go for a short and easy to remember name, such as