Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 7, 2016 (Thu)

Buy a House Using 6N .com

This is an interesting story published on eName. A domain investor named Yao ZHANG bought a nice house using no money but 400 of his 6N .com domain names.

It started a year ago when ZHANG spent 2m CNY to buy the mobile phone number 15388888888. This made big news and he was interviewed on the TV and in newspapers. His story of making a fortune from buying and selling domain names got the interest of a real estate business owner.

Both men met, and they found out that one of them was interested in buying a house and the other domain names. A happy barter arrangement was made -- A nice house for 400 of 6N .com.

What do we see in this news? A future where common folks will understand the value of domain names!