Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 8, 2016 (Fri)

Phone Number as Domain Name

Dazhong Transportation is a listed company based in Shanghai. Founded in 1988, it has achieved great success in rental cars business over the years.

With the size of this company, we are sure money is not a problem when it comes to acquiring a great domain name for its corporate site. should be good for the company, right? No, it belongs to a travel management company in the U.S. How about No, it appears to belong to a Chinese person and the domain name does not resolve. It's still available for registration but apparently the company is not interested.

Instead, the company has chosen to go with the domain name What? A listed company building its corporate site on a cheap 5N .com? Yes, and the reason is that 96822 is a phone number to call to book a rental car.

Problems? Every time they start a new phone service, they need to have a new domain name. For example, the company uses 96811 for its logistics operation, so they have just for this service. One day when customers no longer place phone calls -- which is highly likely now that mobile apps are taking over -- are they going to change their corporate site again?