Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 9, 2016 (Sat)

This 3C Domain Name Is Perfect for the Company

企业街 (Qi Ye Jie) means 'a street of corporations'. It is the name of a Shenzhen-based one stop shop offering company registration, trademark registration, and accounting services.

Naturally, I immediately checked their Pinyin domain names. is for sale and may belong to somebody else and does not resolve. They don't seem to own and either.

Instead, the company spent high 5 figures CNY last year to buy Well, if you look carefully, you can tell even a 3C name can be used in a meaningful way.

71J:企业街>Street of corporations

Here, 71 rhymes with 企业 (corporations) and J with 街 (street).

The domain name is very short and easy to remember, so I think it is a good choice. But, I still think the company should acquire the related domain names for brand protection.