Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 10, 2016 (Sun)

Disney Using Chinese IDN.IDN

According to recent news, Shanghai Disneyland Park will open on June 18. Baidu search indicates as its corporate site, but actually redirects to ( is parked). I guess DOL stands for Disney OnLine.

Interestingly, Disney has at least one Chinese IDN gone live: 迪士尼.中国 (meaning Disney.China).

If you look at the address bar of your browser, you may think that you are looking at 迪士尼.中国, because its name remains the same and there is no the usual redirect to another domain name.

In fact, what happens behind the scene is that 迪士尼.中国 is getting its contents from If you compare 迪士尼.中国 with, you can see that they look exactly the same.

Nevertheless, it's good to see a Chinese IDN.IDN in use. I think Chinese IDN.IDN has great potential because they are usually very short and it's much easier to remember names in Chinese characters than Pinyin.