Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 12, 2016 (Tue)

Business May Fail, but a Good Domain Name Grows in Its Value

The story of shows you a good domain name keeps growing in its value.

It's in the news everywhere. Lander Sports in China has just paid more than 150m CNY to acquire the company However, it is reported the payment is mainly for the domain name and trademark.

Lander plans to combine its strength in sports with the branding power of to turn itself into a global media player in sports. has had its glorious days. In 1988, entrepreneur Ke Yong YE bought the domain name for 5 figures CNY for his Internet business. In 1999, became the first Chinese company to list in the US.

The .com bust in 2000 brought down the company and it never recovered. In 2011, filed for bankruptcy and was delisted from the stock exchange. In 2013 it was sold to Global Broadcasting Media Group (GMG) for 72m CNY.

Looking at the valuation of over the years, you can see the domain name has increased tremendously in its value. This story just shows that business may fail, but a good domain name will keep increasing in its value.

On a side note, Lander's corporate site is and unfortunately the company does not own