Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 15, 2016 (Fri)

When a 3L Is Not an Acronym

Some investors may be puzzled when 3L domain names containing vowels (aeiou) are sold for high prices in China.

In these cases, you need to investigate further because the domain names may be Pinyin words and we know short Pinyin names are highly sought after in China.

For example, was recently sold for 910,000 CNY. Many 'chip' investors may look at the 'u' and 'o' in the name and conclude that the name is much less desirable than other 3Ls.

However, was sold not based on the concept of acronym but that of Pinyin. Tuo may be translated to 托 (entrust), 拓 (expand), and 脱(take off). One lucrative field of application is finance and personal investment, making this name very valuable.

So, the next time you see 2L, 3L and even 4L names sold for prices much higher than others containing vowels, check to see whether they are Pinyin words or not. Ask a Chinese friend or simply send your question to me.