Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 16, 2016 (Sat)

The Mainstream

I was reading a Japanese news site ( today about the Great Firewall in China. According to the site, rumor has it that Chinese government employs 30,000 cyber police and 300,000 staff to maintain the firewall.

It's ironic that 方浜興 (Bin Xing FANG), the Father of China's Great Firewall was recently blocked by his creation when he tried to access websites in Korea during a lecture at a university. Eventually, he was forced to use a VPN to bypass the firewall. He also started teaching the students how to use this technique.

It is reported that about 30% of the 688 million Chinese Internet population use a VPN (virtual private network) to get around the firewall and access information outside China. This method is even used by many Chinese officials privately because they also need to know what's happening in the world.

Here's my point: people want to belong to the global community. They want to know what's happening in the world and they want to follow the trends. It's impossible to isolate people for too long. Eventually they'll find a way to connect.

In terms of domain name preference, it's similar. People want to follow the mainstream. If most future business leaders (Internet startups) are using .com everywhere in the world, then .com will continue to be the king in terms of its value and prestige. So, .com will continue its number one position in China even though it's owned by a registry in USA.