Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

April 17, 2016 (Sun)

Ambitious Chinse Startup Smartisan

In 2012, Yong Hao LUO announced that he was going to make "China’s best smartphone". He was a successful entrepreneur already, but only in the educational business. Still, he gathered a few engineers and started this new venture.

He called his new company 锤子科技(Chui Zi meaning "hammer" and Ke Ji "technology"). When it comes to choosing a domain name, he did not follow the convention. He did not acquire or (both not owned by the company).

Instead, he wanted a global name because it's his ambition to become a global player. So, he created the brand Smartisan (smart + artisan) and registered LUO always sees himself as a skilled craftsman and he even asked former Apple Design Director Robert Brunner to design this first product for him.

In 2014 he acquired and launched the Smartisan brand mobile phone, readying his plan to go global.

Now, is the company's corporate site. It offer contents in Chinese, English, and Japanese. The domain name and the website contents show visitors that Smartisan is a global brand.

Even though only time will tell if LUO's venture will succeed or not, the Smartisan brand and .com domain name ensure he is well positioned to become a global player.