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We enjoy walking up the mountain every morning. Summer is gone and the weather is just excellent in Middle Earth. From the top, we can see the whole city 360 degrees. I like it. Here's today's post.

April 19, 2016 (Tue)

Don't Get Stuck in Chips

I've said in many occasions that I don't pay attention to the idea of 'chips' -- domain names containing aeiouv. Instead, I try to evaluate each name on its own merits and its possibility to run a business.

If you look at a short Chinese domain names only through the lens of 'chips', you may miss out some very good names. A news story I read today illustrates my point.

牛电科技(Niu Technologies) is a very innovative young startup that leverages social media and the Internet technologies. Founded in 2014, it has already attracted a lot of attention for its smart, battery-driven scooters. The company's corporate site is

Now, if you look at this Chinese name from the chip perspective, you may discount its value because it contains not just one but two vowels.

However, if you do some research, you may discover that Niu is actually a Pinyin word for 牛 (ox), and ox has a special meaning to Chinese because this animal has been an important part of the agricultural China since ancient times. It's a symbol for being gentle, dependable, and hard working without asking much in return. This animal projects a very positive image to the Chinese population.

As a single-pin word, Niu has tremendous value. So, the question is: how can you tell if a short Chinese name is a Pinyin word or not?

Well, you can try Yabla. Enter niu in Yabla and you'll get the Chinese character, Pinyin, and English explanation.

So, the next time you come across a short Chinese domain name, test to see if it is a Pinyin word before looking at the vowels in the name.