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April 22, 2016 (Fri)

IDN.IDN Valuable in This Case

As more and more Chinese .IDN such as .世界(world), .中国(China), and .公司(Company) become available, I'm thinking where they can best be used. I have found one such situation

For most companies in China, their Chinese name correspond directly with their English name. For example, 百度 (Pinyin is Baidu) corresponds directly with its English name Baidu.

However, some companies have a Chinese name different from their English name. For example, Lenovo is a Beijing-based global brand in PC and mobile devices. Its Chinese name is 联想 (Pinyin Lian Xiang, meaning "to associate") which has no relationship with the English name Lenovo at all.

Most Chinese consumers remember the company name as 联想 not Lenovo.

Before the arrival of Chinese IDN.IDN, people would use Pinyin and naturally and were on their mind. Unfortunately, both domain names appear to be owned by somebody else and they do not resolve. This is a serious problem because when consumers wanted to visit the company they could not find it.

Lenovo now owns 联想.中国(lianxiang.china) so consumers can use this Chinese domain name directly to visit the company. As foreign companies in China may face this same issue, the Chinese IDN.IDN domain names will be also valuable to them.