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April 23, 2016 (Sat)

Domain Name as a Set of Collection

People buy domain names for different reasons. Chinese companies acquire com or cn to develop website to run their business. Speculators purchase domain names to flip in the short term.

There are also some Chinese investors who consider themselves as domain collectors. In this case, the behavior is similar to stamp collectors. In their domain acquisition, domain collectors tend to buy the same name on several extensions as a set.

For example, recently domain collector Xi CHEN spent 6 figures CNY to acquire 2-pin Pinyong (聘用=Recruit) on com, cn(includes,, and, net, and org as a set. Earlier, he also purchased 2-pin Wangzhuan (网赚=making money on the Internet) on com, cn(includes,, and, net, and org.

As collections, they are to be kept for a long time, and will be sold again as a set as well.

So, if you can keep a domain name in the major extensions, this will increase the value of your domain names as a set of collection. In this case, com, cn, net, and org are probably the minimum in the set.