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The electric street in the ginkgo city was the place I used to hang out. Narrow streets, dark corners, and hundreds of small shops each catering to different needs -- computer parts, books, and the latest gadgets. It's the place for the geeks only. Time has changed. Now It has become a well-known tourist spot. How I wish it had never changed! Here's the post.

April 24, 2016 (Sun)

You Can Use Baidu in English Too

I have to make a confession. Until today I always thought Baidu was a Chinese search engine. I used it often, but only to search on Chinese terms.

I just read that the average page view of Baidu per week is 3,124,800,000. That is 3 billion pages!

Being curious, I entered "top internet companies in china" into Baidu, and, lo and behold, a list of very relevant results showed up. I also tried "where to register .cn domain names in china" and again many results came back.

You can go to the home page of and just enter an English term. Unfortunately, I could not find any language selection list on the home page. But, it's not that hard to use the search function. Just enter your term and hit the big, blue search button.

Some Google search parameters seem to work. For example, you can enter "" to list sites on the .cn extension.

So, the next time you want to search for something related to China in English, try