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I have fond memories of the ginkgo city. The one that I always remember is the little people who do not have big dreams, but the desire to run a good retail shop, serve customers, and make enough money to support their family. Regardless of our skin color, deep down we are actually very similar. Here's the post.

April 28, 2016 (Thu)

Frank Schilling Going to China?

In my April 20 blog post "All A-list Names Will Be at World Domain Conference 2016?", I talked about the the very long list of guests that the organizer of the conference has invited.

Today, I just read a news article by which said that Frank Schilling was invited and now intends to participate (拟参加) at the World Domain Conference 2016 held July 6 to 9 in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province.

Previously known as Traffic China, the conference is said to be the largest event in the domain arena.

The news article talked about the connection of Frank Schilling with China as: "Uniregistry has grown along with the Chinese domain name market and inter-regional cooperation will become inevitable. Uniregistry has a Chinese-speaking team to serve Chinese investors. Its mobile app supports the Chinese language. Soon the Uniregistry website will fully support the Chinese language. As China's domain market continue to mature, Uniregistry is committed to providing comprehensive management tools to help a wide range of domain investors."

I find no details on what role Frank will play in the conference. Has Frank decided to attend? Will he be a speaker or merely a participant? What about the long list of VIP guests such as Rick Schwartz?

It will be very interesting if Rick shows and shares his view on the gTLDs in China.