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April 29, 2016 (Fri)

Why Did This 4L ( Fetch Such a High Price? was sold in the April 27 auction for a very good price of 702k CNY (or 108k USD).

I just searched the Namebio database and found 37 records of 4L .com sales reported on the same day. The prices ranged from the lowest at $226 to the highest at $1,275. That means was sold at 85 times of the best domain name on the Namebio list. Why?

Well, when you look at this 4L domain name, there are several angles you can use.

First, as a non-chip 4L, you can't expect much in the price.

Second, you can look at the name as a single-pin which may mean 乱 (riot), 卵 (egg), 銮 (imperial), and 滦 (name of a county in Hebei province). For example, can be used to sell games in the $18b Chinese game industry. That's a lot of money to make relative to the small price paid for the domain name.

Third, you can look at the name as a double-pin which may mean 路安 (safe road), 六安 (a city in Anhui province), and 陆安 (safe land). 六安 literally means six types of peace and is a popular tourist destination.

Short, single- and double-pin .com domain names are highly sought after by Chinese companies. Since can be viewed as a single- or double-pin name, it is very versatile and so buyers are willing to pay a high price for it.

When you look at a 4L domain name, check to see whether it is also a Pinyin name. You can use Yabla. In this particular case, Yabla indicates that Luan can refer to many Chinese characters that I mentioned earlier in this post.