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Leaky home is a big problem in the sail city. Many houses and even apartment complexes built in the last 20 years require expensive repairs. It's a great burden especially to those who still have a big mortgage. We live in a very old house which was built in 1925 and has stood the test of time. We like this house because it uses solid wood and has many features to enjoy. The only problem is insulation. It is still cold in the winter despite heavy insulation in the roof and under the floor. Here's the post.

May 2, 2016 (Mon)

Useful 6Ns That You May Not Know

Since the beginning of year, the fever in buying up long numeric domain names has died down and some domain investors are already losing their hope on 7N, 6N, and even 5N domain names they bought last year.

Now, not every domain name is the same. Within any category, you can often find some names that have values because they mean something to end users. This applies to 6N domain names too.

Some 6N domain names may have value because they represent zip codes in China. For example, Beijing is 100000, Shanghai is 200000, and Shenzhen is 518000. China Travel Guide has a list of zip codes for the major cities in China. On this page, you can enter a number and see if it is used as a zip code. Have a look.