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May 3, 2016 (Tue)

Some 4Ns Have Special Meanings in China

Yesterday, I talked about some 6Ns that are actually useful. In fact, in each category of domain names, usually I find some domain names which are better than the rest in the category.

How about the 4N category? Visit and you get to read things and see pictures about the Qingdao city. Visit and you can browse listing of homes for sale in the Shaoxing city. Is there anything common between these two websites?

Yes, the numbers 0532 and 0575 are city dialing codes, and the 0 at the start is for long distance calling. Also, some cities use only a 3-digit number, such as 010 for Beijing and 029 for Xian.

So, if you have a numeric .com or .cn domain name, it's worth the effort to check and see if it is one of the Chinese dialing codes that someone can use to build a website for that particular city. If so, your domain name has value in the eyes of the end user.

To get a list of dialing codes, you can do a search using the term "chinese cities dialing codes", or refer to the list available from the following website:

So, what I've learned is not to say certain category of domain names is worthless, but to look for the best domain names in that particular category. The best domain name in the worst category may be better than the worst domain name in the best category (.com).