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I love the sail city for its beautiful beaches. There are many of them and they are very close to our home. The most romantic thing we've done is to set up a table and chairs on the sandy beach close to the water edge. Sit back in our low chairs, have a cup of coffee, eat some snacks on the table, and then watch the moon rise slowly, leaving a long reflection on the waters. Here's the post.

May 4, 2016 (Wed)

Focus on Meaning, Not Chip

翼鸥教育 (Yi Ou Jiao Yu) is an edtech startup. Its free online education program is proving so popular that the company has received a large amount of fresh funding to further expand its educational services.

Its corporate website is If you are a Chip domain investor, you may discount the value of this name because all three letters in the name belong to aeiouv04.

However, I think the founder of the company is very creative. The name can be viewed from two angles. First, EEO comes from the company's English name Empower Education Online. Also, EEO rhymes with the company's Chinese name 翼鸥 (wing and seagull), projecting an image of flying high.

The name is short and relatively easy for consumers to remember. When a domain name is used to run a consumer-facing business, its meaning is most critical. In this case, the name has nothing to do with whether it is a Chip or not.